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Exercises to Try While on Your Cleanse


Fitness trends come and go. There’s the option of taking a zumba class or an aerobic spinning class. Others may enjoy cardiovascular workouts such as sit-ups, jumping jacks or jumping rope. All these activities get the blood pumping and the heart rate up to speed, but each trend has their target areas. Also, each fad has to meet the comfort level of the person exercising. Let’s be real—if you don’t like your exercise routine, chances are great that you might not want to continue. Am I right? Let’s explore the trends and see how each one is different.

First, team-based workouts are popular among those that frequent gyms. Team-based simply means that two or more people are working out together. First, this trend has the possibility to motivate each person to reach their weight loss goal. If you have someone to cheer you on at the weights or treadmill as you get closer to your limit—and then push harder—it’s going to be hard to give up. On the flip-side, there is a possibility for easy burnout. You and your teammate—or essentially teammates—have to agree on a goal or you’re going to get stressed out and struggle. Don’t let them roll over like a semi truck. Set your own personal goals and meet theirs in the middle.

Pilates is another fitness trend that has taken the world by storm. This trend’s main focus is on flexibility, balance and coordination. Those that exercise using this method often have a fuller range of motion, due to the fact that Pilates helps strengthen the joints and muscles of the body. There is the front leg stretch and the bicycle stretch, for instance, that target the core of the body. You’re going to feel yourself working towards your weight loss goals as the pounds start to come off. This is a relaxing form of exercise and it’s a great way to start or end your day.

Pole fitness may come to a surprise to some of you, but hear me out on this. This type of fitness is going to work literally every muscle in your body. Throwing the stereotypes astray, pole dancing relies on the strength of both your arms and legs. You use your legs to pull you up the pole, while also using your hands and legs to spin you around it. Not only does this type of fitness strengthen the core, but it works on the body’s coordination.  It’s a fantastic way to tone those muscles that you have long forgotten you’ve had.   

When people think of yoga, they often bring to mind relaxing stretching techniques. Similar to Pilates, this exercise trend stretches out muscles and helps you work towards your weight loss. In addition, yoga gives those that enjoy it the opportunity to de-stress and work out their daily aggressions. It’s meant to help you calm and soothe your body. Also, you will find that some types of yoga rely on mediation. This is where you sit in a quiet room by yourself, allowing the negative energy from the day leave your body while allowing the positive energy to come in. If you’re looking to live a more positive lifestyle, this may be something to try.

Another fitness trend people tend to love is zumba. This fitness style gets the heart pumping and the blood going to every area of the body. For the most part, this is due to the participant jumping around and getting their heart rate up. In most zumba classes, there is pumped up music to get the exercisers motivated to move their muscles. This fantastic cardio workout are intense in the fact that it stimulates the human growth hormone. This hormone supports burning fat, which is going to get you to a slimmer waist line. In addition, this type of exercise strengthens your heart and lungs. As a result, more oxygen is being pumped around your body—which is what you want.

Weight-lifting is another fitness trend that takes everyone by storm. There are several ways to lift weights and build up your muscles, such as lifting barbells in a gym. Each of these weights target a specific group of muscles in your torso, chest, arms, shoulders, neck or back. There are also machines that assist you in lifting weights for the lower half of your body. The best advice is to start with a lower weight than you think you need. For instance, if you haven’t been in a gym lately, start with 10 or 20 pounds. Move up the weight next time you go and so forth. There’s no reason to compete with anyone else; this is your marathon you’re running to your weight loss goal.

If you’re really looking to strength-train, burn fat and tone your body—then you have to try a a cardio kickboxing workout. This workout alone burns 750 calories an hour. It combines cardio and martial arts moves to strengthen every core muscle in your body. Over time, women are certain to increase their flexibility and coordination. Kickboxing is also a fantastic fitness trend to learn self-defense. Most instructors teach kicks, punches and the necessary moves to protect yourself against an aggressor. This is not only life-saving knowledge, but it’s going to give you peace of mind.

Finally, step aerobics may be a fitness trend to put on your list. This trend is fairly new to the fitness scene and helps gives the body a full body workout. Those that are exercising to the moves are constantly working their lower body, upper body and cardiovascular system. While most of the moves take place on a raised platform, any type of platform can be used. Gyms usually use a plastic aerobic step, which can be found at most sports stores.

If you’re struggling to get started exercising, then let these trends be your guide. There’s not a right or wrong way to lose the inches or pounds. If you try a method and can’t stick to it, then try another. Everyone has their own goals and their own way of reaching them. Good luck with shedding those pounds!


  1. Dora

    I am on a cleanse and am starting to incorporate some exercise too. The thing is when I am full fasting I don’t have the energy so am just doing some stretching which slowly i would like to become yoga.

  2. Sammy

    Pole fitness? Are you serious? Didn’t even imagine such a thing even existed. It does seem that because you are using your legs a lot (and your arms) you will gain some nice muscles. I wonder what kind of moves I would be able to do. Too bad I don’t have a pole at home…

  3. Meghan Fine

    Zumba lady for life! I love the music and sexy moves of a Zumba class and honestly don’t feel like I’m working out. It is like a party. Pole fitness looks sexy and scary at the same time lol

  4. Susan

    Thank you for these very helpful fitness trends. I absolutely love pole dancing! Not only is it a fun workout, but it really tones up the muscles as well. Pilates is another great one. When I don’t have much time to work out, I just turn up the radio and dance around for awhile. I notice that after a long bout of dancing, I wake up the next morning with a sore tummy and thighs – which means It’s working. Exercise doesn’t always have to be boring!

  5. Sammy

    I am doing pilates twice a week and I feel great! I can stretch my entire body far more than I could two months ago. I also had some problems with my back and now I feel much better because I constantly work it and I think it got stronger.

  6. Ann

    I’ve tried most of the above but have stuck with kickboxing and yoga. It gives me an even balance.

  7. Cheryl

    I have always wanted to try pole dancing but was worried it would be very tough on the skin. Zumba also looks like so much fun! Pilates seems to be the most achievable exercise class on this list. I might look around my local area and see what’s on offer!

    • Lynn Horry

      I was worried about chafing at pole dancing classes too, but the trick is to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and to make sure the pole is clean before you get on it. It’s super fun and most classes start you out on your level and ease you into more difficult routines. The most exciting thing that I learned was how to climb the pole with my legs and twirl down into a split!!! It’s fun and challenging and it made me feel sexy!

  8. Heather Smith

    I absolutely love zumba and step aerobics, but have always wanted to try kick-boxing and martial arts. I knew a friend who did pole fitness, but I don’t know if I could ever get over the stereotypes and stigma of it. Maybe one day I’ll get over it and try it out!

  9. Joann

    Trends = meh

    I am all about finding what works for me. I use a rebounder, a stability ball, and do leg stretches, and crunches. That is pretty much it. It has been getting me in shape thus far so I am sticking to it. I never liked trends and always followed the beat to my own drum and it works well for me! Embrace yourself. If yoga works for you, great! If it doesn’t, don’t force yourself! You will just end up unhappy.

    • Tasha

      I hear you on that.

      I tend to hate going to gyms to do team based workouts, or going ahead and trying out the trends in fitness. I tend to do my own thing that makes me feel good and allows me to do it at home.

      So I lift weights at home, do push ups, leg raises, planking, and so on and it works for me. I set my own pace, my own sets, and have at er. I also walk for cardio – 6-12km a day, and so far I have lost 12lbs doing this.

      Would rather keep doing this then trying out a trend. I want something that works for me, and not just get boxed in what should work for everyone else.

  10. Steph

    I think one of my biggest problems with making exercise a normal part of my daily routine is the fact that I get so easily bored with what I’m doing. I think it would be good for me to actually try all of the things in this article, that way I wouldn’t get bored with one thing. I already know that I love kickboxing, and I have a feeling that there are a few other things here I’m also going to love (like zumba!).

    • Anjelica Way

      I have to agree. One thing that I absolutely need is FUN!!! If a fitness routine is boring, I don’t want to do it and probably won’t.

      But if someone says to me, “Hey, let’s go dance for awhile,” then I’ll be up for it. That’s why I like those kinds of routines. If the music is upbeat, then it’s even better! If the people are friendly (teachers AND students), then I’m all in.

      I think that life is something to enjoy, so naturally I want to include a workout that I’ll enjoy, too. Thanks for being honest about wanting some variety so you don’t get bored. I think I’ll try zumba next.


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