Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Feng Shui Certification


Learning and knowing Feng Shui is one thing – obtaining Feng Shui Certification is something different. Naturally, you need to learn as much about Feng Shui as possible, but working with other people requires more than simple knowledge.

Feng Shui is an ancient art of arranging objects, colors, and even sounds to benefit certain aspects of a person’s life. However, because different objects, sounds, and colors can have an affect on more than one aspect, care and knowledge must be used. It is also important to note that Feng Shui can be used in homes or businesses to have certain influences on the people who will visit those places as much or more than it will affect the people who live or work in those places.

While some people will only become Feng Shui professionals, with certification, others will already have complementing careers, such as interior designers, landscapers, and architects. Many artists also want to learn Feng Shui, as well as sculptors and even real estate agents.

While you can practice Feng Shui without certification, most people who will use your services will prefer that you have certification. Certification proves that you have obtained the knowledge necessary from Feng Shui Masters to truly help those people that seek your services.

Those who have certification will generally earn more money in this field than those who do not have certification. The length of the certification program depends mainly on the school and the program that you select, since there are no federal or state regulations concerning certification or the practice of Feng Shui.

You will, however, want to research the school that you are considering to be sure that you are going to get a well rounded, full Feng Shui education, along with the certification. Not all Feng Shui Certification courses are worth the time or the money that is required for them.

Feng Shui Certification Resources:

Course Title: Feng Shui Certification Program
Name of Company: The Center for Feng Shui & Intuitive Arts
Location: PO Box 394, Windham, New Hampshire, United States
Description: This is a well rounded Feng Shui Certification course that includes dousing, meditation, consciousness, manifestation, energy, and more, as well as Feng Shui.

Course Title: Feng Shui Certification Program
Name of Company: Feng Shui Institute of America
Location: 7547 Bruns Court, Canal Winchester, Ohio, United States
Description: Courses are available for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. This program uses Pyramid Feng Shui methodologies.

Course Title: Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Training Programs
Name of Company: West Coast Academy of Feng Shui
Location: Half Moon Bay, California, United States
Description: The programs and courses that are offered through this organization are suitable for all types of professionals, including those who will only practice Feng Shui, as opposed to those who will add Feng Shui to their existing profession.

Course Title: Professional Feng Shui Certification Program
Name of Company: Golden Gate School of Feng Shui
Location: 52 Greenfield Avenue, San Anselmo, California, United States
Description: This program covers Taoist Philosophy and Classical Feng Shui. The program takes place over a series of four day weekends.

Course Title: Feng Shui Masters Training Program
Name of Company: BTB Feng Shui School
Location: 2578 Noriega Street, #203, San Francisco, California, United States
Description: This school teaches Black Sect Trantric Buddhism Feng Shui. This is the original school in the United States to teach this form of Feng Shui.

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