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Fitness Instructor Course Online


If you are a big fan of fitness, and you enjoy your fitness classes, you may want to consider a career as a fitness instructor. You can take a fitness instructor course over the internet and even become certified!

It is important to know that most fitness instructors who make a full time living from this type of work will work for several different facilities, as just leading one fitness class usually won’t generate the income that is needed.

You will also need to be a certified fitness instructor. Most different types of fitness have their own special certification, but there are more generalized certifications available as well. Some fitness instructors attend college in order to train for their chosen profession, but for the most part, this isn’t needed, depending on the type of fitness that you will be instructing.

In order to be a successful fitness instructor, you need to know all that there is to know about your chosen type of fitness, but you also need to have the ability to lead others and to motivate others. It is also a good idea to have a full understanding of how the body works – particularly the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Fitness instructors work in health clubs and gyms for the most part, but some work in hospitals, schools, and in private homes. Many also work at spas. Often, a fitness instructor will do more than lead exercise classes. They might also advise clients on proper nutrition in order to meet specific goals. This may require certification in sport nutrition as well as fitness. There are several different organizations through which you can obtain certification, and for the most part, you only need to pass the examination to obtain the certification.

The salary that you will earn after completing a fitness instructor course depends mostly on where you choose to work. The average salary for a fitness instructor is about $30,000 annually. Those who work for fitness programs through hospitals earn the most, with an annual salary of about $32,000.

Course Resources

Course Title: Various Fitness Instructor Courses
Name of Company: American Council on Exercise
Location: 4851 Paramount Drive, San Diego, California, United States
Description: All courses offered by ACE result in certification upon successful completion of the program. Courses available include Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist.

Course Title: Personal Trainer Certification
Name of Company: International Sports Sciences Association
Location: 1015 Mark Avenue, Carpinteria, California, United States
Description: This organization offers training and certification for a wide range of fitness careers.

Course Title: Personal Fitness Trainer
Name of Company: Gatlin Education Services
Location: 109 East 3rd Street, Suite 350, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Description: This is an online course and certification program, and is offered in partnership with major universities and other accredited learning institutions.

Course Title: Certified Fitness Instructor
Name of Company: American Fitness Professionals & Associates
Location: 1601 Long Beach Blvd., Ship Bottom, New Jersey, United States
Description: The AFPA offers a wide range of fitness certifications. General fitness is available as well as specialized types of fitness.

Course Title: Personal Trainer Certification
Name of Company: National Federation of Professional Trainers
Location: PO Box 4579, Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Description: This organization offers free study materials, so that you can take the certification examination.


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