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Flax Seed Health Benefits


A flax seed may be tiny in size, but its nutrient dense and huge on health benefits.

It originates from a beautiful blue, flowering plant in Western Canada.

The golden and brown seeds are much easier to find now.

If you can’t find them at your local grocery you will be able to find them at health food stores.

The seed is extremely low in carbohydrates and very rich in fiber which makes it a great addition to your diet for weight loss or weight loss maintenance.

Studies have concluded your body’s cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, and immune systems benefit from this seed.

Nutrient dense, flax seed contains Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin B, fiber, lecithin, protein, potassium, and zinc.

Flax Seed Benefits

Blue Flowering Flax Seed Plant
  •     Fiber rich, it helps lower cholesterol.
  •     Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids reduce inflammation. Inflammation plays a role in arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and cancer.
  •     Flax seed is the richest source of lignan. Lignan mimics the action of estrogen which balances out the female hormones. Lignan also helps prevent breast cancer.
  •     One of the richest sources of magnesium, one-half cup equals almost 100% of the daily requirements which makes flax a pain preventer. Magnesium eases the stressed nerve cell activity that causes tension headaches and neck pain.
  •     It increases energy and stamina, and improves mental function.
  •     It improves the absorption of calcium and strengthens bones, teeth and nails.

Purchasing Flax Seed and Oils

You want the freshest available you can get, so try to purchase from a source that has a good turn-over.

I suggest purchasing the seed and grinding it yourself as it stays fresh much longer.

If you do purchase the meal instead, keep the meal refrigerated in an opaque bag. If you have the availability, it’s better yet to vacuum-package the meal.

When you buy the oil, purchase it in the dark brown bottles and refrigerate it. This allows for a longer shelf life.

Getting Started With Flax Seed

Because it’s high in soluble fiber, drink a lot of water when you start eating flax seeds. Gradually add them into your diet daily if you aren’t used to a rich fiber diet.

There are a lot of ways to start adding the seeds or oil to your diet. I use both the seeds and oil.

Using the Oil

Some people actually consume the oil as they would vitamins and minerals by taking two tablespoons daily. I add the oil into my salad dressings, my cooking oil, fruit smoothies in the blender, and substitute it for some oils.

Jar of Flax Seed

Using the Seed

The seed can be added to many recipes including breads, muffins, casseroles and meat dishes. I replace nuts in recipes many times with flaxseed, it’s less calories and lower in carbohydrates.

If you don’t bake bread, you can purchase bread and bakery products with flax seed. You can sprinkle it on salads, cereals, yogurt, smoothies, and cottage cheese.

It’s really amazing what a difference this little flax seed can make added to your diet. It’s definitely worth your time and health to try it.

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