Saturday, September 19, 2020

Food to Raise Your Vibration


Why is raw food important, particularly for the time and age that we are in? What are the foods that help to increase your vibrational frequency? What are the ones that help you to become a more clear channel? Is there a process to becoming physically more open to the energies of ascension? What foods can help to activate your pineal? How can you do this in an organized way? Get your body ready to accept the highest frequencies!

Wheatgrass and the other grasses (like kamut and barley) are exceptionally important and help in many ways with the activation frequencies. Activating, vortexing and charging your water is also important. We will discuss the power of the sun, of hydration, of breathing and much more. All of these are a part of nutrition for ascension. We will talk about all of this and more.

We are moving very quickly into ascension and stand on the edge of an incredible adventure! This process will be beginning now but will take us through a phase of about 20 years as we are moving more deeply into the process of expanded vibration.

As this happens, we increase our cosmic consciousness, regain our Christ consciousness and move more profoundly into our hearts, it is quite natural that we will find that the fuel that supplies our body will also begin to change. You might begin to wonder, what foods would best facilitate and ease this process? Should I eat this particular food, juice, herb, superfood?

This great earth is overflowing with everything we need to aid the physical body for healthy ascension not to mention optimum health and even sublime health.

Each plant on this earth is a beautiful mystery unto itself. As you dive into the mystery by studying even one fruit or herb or plant it completely goes deeper and deeper. It could be a complete spiritual practice unto itself. To try to contemplate the love that mother earth and Mother Nature has for her inhabitants is certainly to contemplate the infinite. This planet has functioned as our Garden of Eden, where every nutritional need for the human body could be satisfied. Although we have committed a multitude of sins upon the earth and in the past prayed and thanked too little she has continued to send forth gifts for our healing and for our awakening.

I have studied raw foods and superfood nutrition extensively. I hope that I can properly describe a bridge of sorts. This treatise is intended to describe the best nutrition that will facilitate your ascension. As above, so below. As you take in nutrition for ascension, your mundane health on this planet will soar as well. You will become healthier and more vibrant just by following the program. However, your vibrational frequency will also increase many times. They go hand in hand. From this program, you will also begin to enhance your own intuition about what your body needs. This program is meant to facilitate not restrict. Allow any part of this that does not resonate be completely released.

May these suggestions and words take you to your highest physical health and help you to become both prepared and infinitely excited about the adventure that is now and is just ahead of us!

We will do some guided meditations as well, where you will receive your own personal guidance about foods, juices, flower essences, essential oils, movement, hydration and more that you be beneficial just for you to upgrade your body and spirit for the increasingly refined vibrational energies.

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