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Forensic Psychology Degrees Online


Crime solving shows are very popular, and unlike the television shows from twenty years ago, they now show the inner workings of law enforcement agencies – and everyone wants to be like Abby or Ducky on NCIS. Forensic science, and Forensic psychology are very exciting fields, and you can work towards this type of career by earning a forensic psychology degree on the internet.

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A forensic psychologist essentially looks at evidence and patterns to draw a picture of a suspect’s psychological state. This professional must be trained in numerous aspects of psychology, including social psychology, clinical psychology, and more. Not only does the information that the forensic psychologist has to offer about the suspect help law enforcement to catch the criminal, but this professionals skills and knowledge are also used in court, after the suspect has been apprehended.

It is the responsibility of the forensic psychologist to relate to the judge and jury the probable mental state of the defendant when the crime was committed, and also the responsibility of the forensic psychologist to determine whether a defendant has the mental capacity to stand trial for his or her crimes. This professional may also be asked about appropriate punishment or treatment for the defendant, based on his or her mental state.

Because the forensic psychologist will be working with law enforcement and participating in trials, the student should not only focus on psychology courses, but on criminal justice courses as well. It is vital to understand how the law and the courts work, since you will be a big part of the judicial system.

Forensic psychologists are typically very well paid, but many work for the county, state, or federal government. While you can have a private practice, and contract out to different branches of the government and law enforcement, most are employed to work specifically with one branch of law enforcement.

Degrees Online Resources

Course Title: Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
Company Name: Argosy University
Location: 2233 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Description: This is an online program that trains the student in Forensic Psychology.

Course Title: Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
Company Name: The University of North Dakota
Location: 3264 Campus Road, Stop 9021, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
Description: This is a master’s program that requires the student to already possess a bachelor’s degree. The program takes a little over two years to complete.

Course Title: Various Psychology Programs
Company Name: American Military University
Location: 111 West Congress Street, Charles Town, West Virginia, United States
Description: Through this program, you can obtain either a B.A. in Psychology or an M.A. in Psychology, with a specialization in Forensics.

Course Title: Various Psychology Programs
Company Name: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Location: 325 North Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Description: These programs are offered from one of the oldest and largest graduate schools in the United States

Course Title: Various Psychology Degrees
Company Name: Ashford University
Location: 400 North Bluff Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa, United States
Description: This school offers a variety of online psychology programs, including Forensic Psychology.

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