Thursday, September 24, 2020

Start The Fruit Diet (Frugivore) & Encourage Young People to Eat More Fruit


Our plan is to make eating fruit “cool” by getting young people to start the “fruit diet” plan.

Candy, Sweets and Real Fruit

Candy has been trying to taste like fruit ever since it arrived on the scene when it was introduced due to the lack of available fruit in Northern countries in the winter-time.

Candy has always attempted to capture the flavor of fruit, that food that is most natural and appealing for us to eat! We’ve all heard a load of candy commercials saying “With REAL fruit flavor”, “a burst of fruit flavor”, “with the flavor of REAL fruit!”, etc… why not just go and get some of this fabulous real fruit then!

The candy is made from processed refined sugar that is toxic to your system. The fruit has organic electric water – the best water you can take into your system. There is a fruit lamp you can buy from some kids’ educational catalogs that is powered by the electricity in a piece of fruit.

That’s ENERGY! You can’t do that with your candy bar!

Do you know that some scientific research shows that man may be a Frugivore? That means we were meant to eat fruit as our primary source of energy.

Did you know that sugar is the main nutrient that your brain cells use? And where are we supposed to get our sugar from? Not from the processed treated cane sugar that is in all candy and is the standard sweetener of everything we eat in our society. Guess again. Of course – its fruit!

Fruit contains a natural sugar

This sugar is called fructose and naturally combines with fiber in fruit so it is slower digesting. It is the perfect drip-fed fuel for our brain cells. So, if you want to power your brain on the best fuel, think clearer, smarter, faster, longer and better, – ask your parents to buy you the best fresh organic fruit they can find.

If its organic and grown locally its going to be extra fresh and delicious! Try exotic fruits you’ve never tried before too. Mangos, papayas, guavas, and young coconuts can be found in many grocery stores, or you can ask them to order them.

Be sure to ask the stores you shop for food at for more locally grown organic fruit too! You can even write them a list of your favorite fruits.

Here are mine:

Oranges, watermelons, grapes, fuji apples, avocados (yes, they’re actually a fruit, – so are tomatoes!), peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, grapefruits, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, mangos, young coconuts, and papayas.

If fruit is “choice”, peaking, in-season, fresh and organic it is a whole different experience than fruit that is grown commercially using chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Small organic farmers can provide you with the best fruit! You can find a farmer’s market near you by clicking on this map!

Some people think they are allergic to fruits or that fruit causes diarrhea, but what they don’t realize is that fruit is the body’s cleanser. You are not sick, you are just cleansing! With its high water and electrolyte content fruit flushes out toxins from all the cells in your body. The toxins are expelled through the bowels or sometimes through the skin. Your body needs that cleanse!

The Importance Of Eating Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Commercial (non-organic) produce uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides that kill the bugs and make the fruits and vegetables grow bigger and prettier.

Unfortunately these chemicals add up collectively in our systems and can cause cancer, fatigue, poor concentration, a weakening of our brain functions, and illness. They also pollute the soil of the farmland, and deplete it of minerals and vitamins so that commercial fruits and vegetables have much less nutrition in them than organic foods, and also do not taste as good.

Recently commercial growers have started using human sewage as fertilizer. This is leading to several outbreaks of disease that are causing raw fruits and vegetables to be called “unsafe to eat”. However raw fruits and vegetables are the most important foods we can eat.

They fight disease and are the ultimate fuel for our cells. They are the foods that are the most natural and that we were designed to eat. Fruit is the food that children are all naturally drawn to before anything else, if they are exposed to it first, before the un-natural junk foods.

Therefore it is important to purchase only organic fruits and vegetables. Small organic growers observe the highest standards, care about the food they grow, grow their food with love and attention, and use only natural compost (vegetable scraps that are going back to the earth) to fertilize their soil. Their methods are work-intensive and therefore they have to charge a little bit more for their food. Your family is well worth it!

The money you will save on health care alone will far outweigh the few extra cents you will spend to eat organic! And the health benefits go way beyond what money can buy!

6 Reasons to Start The Fruit Diet

  1. Obesity has been declared a “national epidemic”. It is now estimated to be the leading cause of death in America. One in three American children is overweight.
  2. This number is growing steadily, and has been since 1963.
  3. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), if current trends continue, the human and financial costs of this burgeoning public health crisis will soon cancel out all the advances made with the decline in smoking!
  4. We live in a food-saturated environment, and lifestyle changes like eating out, urban sprawl and families with two working parents are key contributors.
  5. Ultimately, everyone shares responsibility for making today’s children an extra large, and unhealthy, generation.
  6. Deaths of young people from diseases related to being overweight is triple that of deaths resulting from tobacco, AIDS, guns, car accidents and drug use combined.

Why I Think Eating Fruit is So Important

One of the main questions that kept coming to me over and over again is what can I do in the fight against childhood obesity. Unlike a lot of other diseases that can strike any of us down rich or poor regardless of race or religion obesity is totally preventable. Obesity is almost always a direct result of poor food choices. And it is on this note that I wanted to develop a media campaign that would make eating fruit the coolest thing to do.

If all our kids ever see is junk food marketing aimed at them as the target demographic then the results are going to be what you see all around you. One out of three of American children is obese. This results in an almost total loss of the quality of life that they could otherwise experience.

So what we have done with the Take A Fruit Break Campaign is create a way to fund and promote advertising fruit on national TV both on Cable and National Broadcast Networks.

The first thing that we have to be able to do is fund the project. One of the ways that we are doing this is by offering series’ of Fine Art Prints for sale. The profits derived from these art pieces will be used to fund both the creation and the airing of the Take A Fruit Break spots.

The second thing that we are doing is running summer health programs such as the one that we did last summer. We have several different programs. In the first program kids can come up for a day to our retreat in the national forest and we do different outdoor activities with them. In the second program not only the children come but the parents also come and spend a week. We focus on teaching about the effects that different foods have upon our bodies. We work together preparing meals for a balanced healthy diet. A lot of time this results not only in the kids losing weight but the parents also.

We are now entering into the fourth generation of junk food marketing. Many of these campaigns are so effective that we become addicted without even realizing that not only are we addicted but that we are also addicting our children.

By putting the “Starting a Fruit Diet” blog posts in the language of today’s youth these posts will be far more effective than if they were made using the voice of adult reasoning.

We have designed a competition for high school and college animation and film production departments to compete for cash prizes and mentorship with top industry animators. We will award and use the winning commercials and air them on cable and network television.

We seek to make our generation and the generations to come as healthy as possible. By promoting a fruit diet that is good for us and sustainable for the environment.


  1. Hope

    Eating fruit and vegetables is definitely better for the environment.

    And let’s talk about the environment a bit, and being outside, and all other healthy things. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t get it before. I knew that it was probably a good idea to save energy, and drive a car with less junk coming out of it. I kind of knew these things, but I never really paid attention to them. I lived in an urban center, in a condo, surrounded by 7 major highways and a subway. The only trees I generally saw were the ones planted on road dividers, the only nature I was a part of was planned out paths by city park people, but even then, I chose to be in the gym a lot, and most days, I just did not have the option to be outside anyway.

    Living near DC for so long I forgot about nature, real nature, not the kind that is planned. I remember the first weekend we were in California, as we stood on this black sand beach near San Francisco, as I looked up at mountains, I understood right then why it was so important to protect the earth. I understood why it seemed that Californians were generally more concerned about the environment – it was because they had an environment to protect. In the east, I just didn’t care as much, but when we got out west, all of it changed for me. Being surrounded by breath taking nature day in and day out does something to your being. Going on a hike through a mountain out to sea cliffs, walking along the sandy ocean, being in the sun, breathing high altitude mountain air, it all changed me

    I wish that I could have people come out here and go on a long hike with me, somehow I think if more people knew what it was they were fighting for, they would be much more excited about preserving the earth.

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