Saturday, January 16, 2021

Five Must-Do Easy Exercises For A Fabulous Body


Do not have sufficient time for exercises or to take care of your body? Well, then the below listed 5 workout tips are ideal for you. These are not only easy and less time consuming, but will also help tone up each and every area of the body. Women with time constraints are not the only ones who can go for the below discussed exercises. It is good for all women.

1. Rows:

Most of our bodily movements are dependent on the muscles present in the anterior of the body, i.e., the abs, chest, and biceps, etc. Rows are pulling exercises that help enhance the posture, strengthen the back, and create balance in the body. The resultant effect is that you will look a lot more glamorous in halter dresses!

With the aid of gravity and dumbbells, bent-over rows help focus on the back. It is important to maintain the hinged position of the hips and prevent hunching of the shoulders while pulling back the elbows. Ensure that the elbows are close to the sides. You may alternate the arms thereby adding core work. Ensure that the trunk is kept square without any twisting.

2. Loaded squats:

Lifting weights has always been beneficial. It is one of the best ways to strengthen the bones, build muscles, and fasten metabolism. It may also be noted that since the leg and glute muscles are the biggest in the body, when you add weights to a squat, it improves the process of burning calories. Also, this will not result in bulky thighs but rather help slim them.

The easiest way to is to hold dumbbells in the hands, by the sides, and then do squats. You can begin by doing 12 repetitions with 10 pounds in each hand and then gradually increase.

3. Planks:

Planks are one the best exercises as it helps strengthen the midsection and lead to a tight waist and flat abs. Planks help train the body’s core to resist twisting and flexing. The lower spine situated between the ribcage and the pelvis are supported by the back and abdomen muscles. It is therefore important to firm them as much as possible. Planks are anti-rotation and anti-flexion exercises that allows for complete stability of the core without causing back stress that accompanies sit-ups and crunches.

4. Side step-ups:

Most of our usual movements like jogging, running, walking, or climbing stairs involve front-to-back movements. Our bodies thus do not get any sideways exercise. It is also important to workout the obliques, outer and inner thighs, and side glutes to get all-round strength and increase feet stability.This will lead to an increasingly toned body, enhance balance, and avoid injuries. The additional aerobic constituent also aids in better metabolism. When doing side-steps keep your feet light and the shoulders square.

5. Reverse wood chops:

Reverse wood chops help workout all the muscles at one go and thus offer the biggest boost to metabolism. It is better than doing just bicep curls and other such isolation exercises. Reverse wood chops involves lifting a dumbbell or a medicine ball from the anterior of one hip to the other shoulder. This provides a full workout of the muscles occurring in the shoulders, arms, and the core.


  1. Sandy

    squats, squats and more squats. I have always found that squats are great and more women oght to be doing them! They won’t give you big legs, They will burn fat from all over your body!

  2. Anjelica Way

    It’s great that they have the videos. I could figure out how to do the planks by watching these and know I don’t have to dislocate my back to try them. 🙂

  3. Eugenia

    Thanks for sharing, these videos are great help… planks are a killer but you get fantastic result

  4. Dani

    Good call on this list. I’ve always been thin, but never fit. I’m a bit scared of exercises like planks, but you’ve pretty much sold me.

  5. Brenda

    Very good tips. I am glad you included the videos because I never know how to do an exercise without watching someone else doing it first. I have horrible posture and balance so I have to be very careful not to pull anything. I will be doing these today! Thanks!

  6. Liana

    Never done loaded squats but they look very interesting. I don’t want to get bulky thighs so it’s nice to know that by doing this type of exercise I will not be in danger of doing that. I have some 4 pounds dumbbells lying around so I will start with those just to help me keep my balance when I do them. If I like it, I will buy 10+ pounds dumbbells. I also liked the reverse wood chops and I will also use my dumbbells to do them in the house. I don’t like going to the gym because I waste a lot of time to get there and back and to talk to others.

  7. Amelie

    I do squats regularly but those loaded squats are so heavy duty. I am going to try those. Also the plank is a great workout for the abdominal muscles. All of these exercises are easy to do at home and you don’t need to join expensive gyms. I like the idea of working out on my own and have never felt comfortable inside a gym.

  8. Sabrina

    I absolutely love doing bent-over rows with dumbbells! It’s one of my favorite exercises ever and I do them at least twice each week. This forces me to keep my back straight and it increases my power in the lower back (I actually want to make this area stronger because I have to sit a lot at my job and my back is not always in the best position).

    I also like to do planks. It’s a very easy to do exercise and it doesn’t require any weights. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Sometimes, I do it in the park. I feel this is great for my abs as I keep them in a state of tension.

  9. Kim C.

    These are some great exercises to do! I’ve tried several of them and they definitely work out your entire body when combined with any type of Cardio.

    I personally love doing planks, side planks, bicep/tricep curls/skull crushers, burpees, and lunges.

    Lunges really do slim down the thighs. I was worried that I was going to build up too much muscle doing them because I already have muscular thighs from playing sports, but instead it slimmed them down.

    A lot of these make for killer workouts too!

  10. Heather

    Thank you for this list! The videos are especially helpful. Definitely going to add some of these to my daily workout.

  11. Kelly S.

    Awesome list. Planks are so good for building ab muscles. I’ve been doing them daily for the past few months, and I can really see the results. I’ll have to give the wood chops a try next. My biceps could use some strengthening.

  12. Riana

    I love planks! I would do them each day but if I were to do that I would probably injure my back or arms. I like to do them for at least 1 minute. My record is 3 minutes straight but it was very, very difficult and I had to train for this for at least 20 days. I also like side step-ups and rows, but don’t do them as often.

  13. Simone

    I’m always searching for ideas on exercise because it’s so important to change it up. Your bor gets used to doing the same thing. Great article.

  14. Charlotte

    Sometimes when I don’t have time to go for a walk or if the weather is bad I’ll follow along with walking videos online, and the instructor is always sure to include side to side movements just like you’ve suggested here. I’ll definitely have to try the other ones here, even though I hate doing planks! They’re so good for you, though, so I’ll have to learn to like them.

  15. Sammy

    You could have also added burpees, they are killer and work all your muscles. The first time I did them I couldn’t do more than 5 repetition and I honestly thought I was about to die. My heart started beating like crazy and I was all red and sweaty, not to mention that my legs were jelly when I finished.

    Combine planks with burpess and you get a super challenging workout that doesn’t need any extra equipment. Hold the plank for one minute and then do burpees for one minute; repeat this circuit up to 7-8 time and I bet you will be super finished when it’s done.

  16. Amber

    Thanks these are really helpful. I’ve been meaning to get back in the gym for a while but didn’t know what kind of exercises I should start doing. I think I’ll start with these, thanks!

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