Friday, November 27, 2020

Fresh Workouts For The Woman Who Wants Exciting Ways To Lose Weight And Get In Shape!


Alright ladies, enough of the same tired workouts! Yes, there are workouts like running and aerobics that are well-known for helping with weight loss, but those aren’t the only exercises out there that will help you drop pounds and get into great shape.

There are some amazing group classes that are trending right now because not only do they help to burn calories and tone up muscles, they’re exciting, fresh and fun. If you’re looking for a new way to get in shape that’s not the same tired routine, try one of these workouts. You’ll definitely get in shape, and you’ll have a blast doing it.

Dance It Out

We all know that dancers have amazing physiques, and it’s no surprise that it’s due to their intense training. We can’t all be professional dancers, but we can all try a great cardio dance class. Hip Hop dance classes are an accessible way to get fit fast even for the beginner, burning 300-500 calories per workout. The popular music will get you moving, and you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually working out. The class never stops, providing constant cardio, plus all the twisting, lifting, getting up and down builds muscles without the repetitions of traditional lifting.

24-Hour Fitness offers adult classes, as do most local dance studios, so check it out and get your groove on when you workout.

Boxing For Babes

Many women shy away from boxing because of it’s tough image, but it’s not just about knocking out an opponent. Boxers are some of the most fit athletes out there, and their workouts are great for women as they not only torch calories, they help to relieve stress and bring a sense of empowerment. Boxing workouts can burn 200 calories in 30 minutes punching a Boxing bag, and 300 calories sparring, requiring maximum effort and active recovery.

Many celebs and Victoria’s Secrets models have publicly declared their love of boxing and the amazing results they’ve gotten, and you can too. Check out your local boxing gym for group classes or private one-on-one sessions, and don’t be fooled by the gym’s tough-looking atmosphere. Most boxing gyms have more women in group classes than men, and you’ll find a community of tough sisters to cheer you on!

Boot Camp Craziness

Okay, so not many women dream of joining the Army just to go to boot camp, but maybe they should. Boot camp inspired workouts are the newest kid on the block, and they combine body weight exercises and functional equipment like giant tires and heavy logs to burn fat and calories and leave you exhausted. Classes typically involve constant movement with little to no rest, and a wide variety of exercises that never let up but also never repeat. Even the fittest women will find themselves on their knees gasping for air, but the camaraderie and team atmosphere of the classes keep you pushing through and coming back for more.

These classes are great for women that need a little extra motivation, or for women already in shape that want to rise to the challenge.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new! There are so many ways to burn fat and calories, and you can do it in a way that truly excites and motivates you. Remember, you’re more likely to stick to a workout routine if you love it. So find something you’re passionate about and it won’t be exercise anymore. So get out there, and find your new favorite cutting edge workout!


  1. Alana

    Dance is the best! I love using it for a way to workout because it’s fun and doesn’t feel like you are actually exercising plus there are so many different dance styles out there so you can always change it up and do something different which really helps me avoid the boredom of repetitive work outs. There are tons of dvds you can buy that offer dance workouts if you are not sure what to do and if you don’t have the cash for the dvd sets you can look up tons of videos right on Youtube. I haven’t done a class yet but I would love to. The possibilites are endless and dancing is a great workout!

  2. Danielle

    Boxing is something which I have done in the past. It was called boxercise in my local area and it is a great way of losing weight for me. I suppose it is something similar to a high intensity interval training method with the way they do it.

  3. Nadia

    I really love boxing! Nothing better than taking out some steam on the bag. And if you have a good trainer, it really empowers you. Since I’ve taken up martial arts and boxing, my whole self changed. My posture changed, the way I react to threat changed…I don’t feel so afraid if I walk out at night anymore. I’m not a violent person, but it makes me feel stronger and safer.

    Dancing workouts are super fun, too! I prefer the ballet ones. The Royal Balet has a 2 hr video on youtube that is perfect. I suck, but yknow, makes me feel like the ballerina I wanted to be when I was little

  4. Addison

    I always get tempted to try various dance workouts but they annoy me like hell because I’m unable to synchronize – basically I suck big time. I actually feel tempted to try boxing after seeing all those Victoria’s Secret models rocking hard abs and nice bums! I do my best to switch my workouts so I don’t get bored and stick to the program.

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