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Gaining Weight in a Healthy Way


There are many people throughout the world who are struggling every day in an attempt to add healthy weight to their body.  It seems that it doesn’t matter how much they eat they just can’t seem to put on any healthy and lasting weight.  By eating the correct types of calories with supplementation and exercise you can soon be able to reach a healthier weight.

Gaining Weight in a Healthy Manner Gaining Weight in a Healthy Manner

with Diet

Many people are under the impression that you can gain weight just by eating more food.  Actually, you can gain more weight this way, but it isn’t necessarily healthy weight.  To gain lean muscle and not simply fat and water weight you will need to not only increase your calorie intake but you will need to be selective about the types of calories you are increasing.

You will need to increase your protein intake to help repair and build muscle without loading up on fats.  Red meats that contain a lot of fat and consuming an excessive amount of dairy products such as milk and cheese will give you the added calories but they will also add fat to your body which is not healthy.

using Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplement shakes are very popular among body builders because they are loaded with calories, proteins and have virtually no fat in them.  These shakes are a great way for those who workout and exercise to add some pounds to their frames.  They are not good for people who do not workout or those who have a very fast rate of metabolism because the calories that are not burned through exercise will turn to fat instead of muscle.

If you have high metabolism or do not workout you may choose to add a protein shake to your diet that is not high in calories.  Protein is necessary for the repair and growth of muscles.

Building Lean Muscle

If you want to build lean muscle you need to be consistent with your workout.  A mass building workout involves completing compound exercises such as military presses, barbell squats, dead lifts and other exercises to specifically target the development of lean muscle.  You will want to start with an amount of weight that is comfortable for you to safely lift, do not be in a hurry to add more weight to your program.  Speak to a trainer at the gym who can show you how to properly lift weights to target the various muscle groups.

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