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Gallstones Treatment, Diet, Causes & Surgery


Gallstones, also known as choleliths, involves the formation of solid particles within the body of a human being. Gallstones occur as a result of several reasons that are discussed below. The solid particles that form a gallstone could be small or large. Gallstones are classified into pigment and cholesterol stones.

Who Can Get Gallstones?

Research indicates that the people who are at a great risk of developing gallstones are those suffering from ferrochelatase enzyme deficiency, a disorder commonly referred to as Erythropoietic protoporphyria. Pregnant mothers are also at a risk due to the increase of the estrogen hormone resulting in an increase in the cholesterol levels found in bile with little or no movement at the gall bladder, hence the formation of the gallstones.

Causes of Gallstones

A research conducted indicates that gallstones are formed as a result of several factors. Diet could be a contributing factor to the formation of gallstones. The movement of gallbladder has also been said to be a cause of the disease. Other causes are the body mass or weight of a person. Cholesterol gallstones are a result of accumulation of cholesterol in the bile. Another contributory factor to the formation of gallstones is the failure to empty the gall bladder frequently and also the failure to empty the bladder completely. Researchers have also attributed the formation of gallstones to the proteins found in the bile that act as a catalyst to gallstone formation. Doctors have also warned that instantaneous loss of weight may be a key factor in the formation of gallstones. Insufficient meals, constipation and lack of important minerals like calcium and magnesium may also cause gallstones. Whole grain bread and wine plays a key role in decreasing the chances of gallstone formation.

Symptoms of Gallstones

The very first symptom of gallstones is intense discomfort and pain on the upper abdomen which lasts for a considerably long time. Vomiting and nausea together with back pain which extends to the right shoulder are other symptoms of gallstones. Bloating of the stomach, belching and indigestion are also symptoms associated with gallstones. Other symptoms to look out for are a change in skin pigmentation to a yellow color and fever.

Over The Counter Treatment for Gallstones

A glass of water works well to eliminate the pain caused by gallstones. Alternatively, a patient of gallstones may take coffee or magnesium or any other bitter drink to relieve the pain.

Gallstone Alternative Treatments

The most common alternative treatment is taking apple juice, a quantity not less than 4 glasses together with lemon juice and olive oil. In addition apple fruits are also very helpful. This ought to be done for at least five consecutive days.

When Is Medicinal Treatment Necessary?

Medicinal treatment should be administered at the earliest possible stage of the disease. This prevents the stones from building up and getting larger in size.

Medical Treatment for Gallstones

Ursodeoxycholic acid is one of the drugs that can be used to breakdown gallstones. However, the condition reoccurs upon ceasing the medication. Alternatively, a patient may undergo surgical operations to remove the gallstones.

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