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Gay Counseling


There are many issues that people face on a daily basis, being gay there are additional issues to deal with.  Gay counseling is a way to help you accept your homosexuality, cope with the feelings and actions of others, manage problems and learn to embrace who you are in a healthy manner.

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What is Gay Counseling?

Gay counseling is a specialized area of therapy to help you manage human relationships and the problems and issues associated with being gay.  This can include accepting your homosexuality, learning to accept that others have a right to their opinion and how to cope with those opinions, assistance with your family and coming out, clarifying what you want and expect out of life, setting goals and how to reach those goals in a constructive and healthy manner.

How does Gay Counseling Help?

The client and the therapist working together set a therapeutic agenda which will evaluate the counseling and your progress.  Some improvements that can be noted with counseling are emerging from a muted awareness of your homosexuality to an expression of it, acceptance of yourself instead of disapproval, changing a narrow and defended self image toward one that is more relaxed and reality based, learning to make choices based on what you want and need as opposed to making the decisions that others want you to make, reduce your anxiety and reduce your fear of the world and increase your openness to new experiences.

The Counseling Process

Counseling is aimed at getting you out of counseling and prepared to enjoy a rich, full life as soon as possible.  A good counselor encourages you to be self reliant and help give you the tools needed to fulfill this.  You will need to take an active role in addressing your problems and achieving your goals with your counselor there to help encourage you along to the way.

Counseling is generally a three stage process which involves exploration, planning and action.  Exploration is when you are clarifying your understanding of your problems and issues which brought you to seek counseling.  After the issues that require assistance are discussed, a plan is developed to help improve the situation.  New strategies for coping with the issues and stressors in your life are learned.  You will then be prepared to take the actions necessary to implement the changes necessary in your life to live a happy, fulfilled and satisfying life.

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