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Gem Essences


Perhaps one of the most powerful ways to work with energy charged gem essences is by using crystals. With principles and a manufacturing process similar to those of flower essences, crystals contain essential forms of energy which interact with the subtle but omnipresent vibrations within all living things, including us humans.

Scientific theory, quantum physics in particular, tells us that when two different objects, each vibrating at their own different frequency, come together, the impact they have on one another is converted into a new form of energy with its own unique frequency of vibrations. Gem essences contain the energy and frequency of their components which work then in tandem with our own individual energy fields.

Gem Essences History

Both gemstones and crystals have been used for their healing powers for countless centuries and in many parts of the world, as is evident by glimpses of history in the cultures of the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese, eastern Indians, northern Europeans, as well as in parts of the Americas.

Over the years, a universal understanding has evolved regarding the great value of the healing energies associated with gem essences in terms of emotional, mental, and physical well being. Gem essences and elixirs have been used throughout ancient medicine, and because the realm of possibilities is so great thanks to the vast selection of minerals, a thorough exploration of their numerous positive applications is well worth the effort spent.

Creating Your Own Gem Essences

Ingredients You Will Need:

  • 12 ounces of water, preferably distilled as it is devoid of unwanted mineral deposits
  • Sterilized glass container, a glass dish with a cover if you’ll be using it outside is recommended
  • The crystal, or crystals if you’re using more than one, cleansed in salt water prior to use

Basic Preparation:

For the best results, you may want to meditate for a few moments before preparing the essence. Many people report a deeper, more meaningful experience when taking into account their mental state of well being, making it a point to be relaxed and at ease before beginning.

Step 1. If the weather is warm, leave the water outdoors for anywhere for at least two to four hours or so. If the temperatures are below freezing, place the container in front of a sunny window.

Step 2. Remove the crystals with tongs that have also been sterilized, then pour a small amount of water into an amber dropping bottle one-ounce in size. Preserve the mixture with a teaspoon of brandy if you aren’t allergic to alcohol and if the weather is relatively warm. The remainder of the mixture should then be stored in the refrigerator.

Suggested Gem Essences Usage

Remembering not to dilute gem essences reducing their potency unnecessarily, they should be taken at least four times per day, up to seven preferably, and especially upon first awakening in the morning and also just before going to sleep at night. Frequency is of more importance rather than quantity as they interact with one’s own vibrations which vary depending on a host of factors such as our mood.

Gem essences are especially beneficial when applied externally and directly to the chakras or pulse points along with carrier or massage oils, or even a few drops in the bathwater.

Example Gem Essences

  • Amber (also citrine or gold topaz): Used to improve thought functioning, promote intellectualism, reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Bloodstone: Used to ground chakras, maintain emotional equilibrium and well being.
  • Celestite: Brings about a deeper connection to the spiritual self, eases feelings of loss or separation.
  • Datolite: Helps clear the mind, eases frustration and exhaustion while improving communication.
  • Green idocrase: Provides emotional balance, improve thought processes particularly while fatigued.
  • Halotrichite: Invokes change and a greater willingness to do so.
  • Hauynite: Bridges the gap between the spirit, mind, and emotions.
  • Larimar: Increases feelings of love and happiness, even under duress, allows one to be more open to acceptance.
  • Sagenite agate: Improves communications with others, increases mental stamina for concentration purposes.
  • Takovite: Gives one insight as to how others think and feel.
  • Vesuvianite: Facilitates loving relationships with others.
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