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Searching free genealogy websites is a good place to start to better understand yourself, health and life in general.

Here you will find a few of the more helpful genealogy sites for your browsing pleasure. You’ll find that as you learn more information about your family, more specific sites may be more helpful like the French-Canadian genealogy, or Scandinavian genealogy.

Why Can Learning About Your Genealogy be Fun?

Part of the fun of is finding notable people in your family. Cyndi’s List is not a database, but probably the largest collection of genealogy-related links there is. There are many pay-to-use genealogy databases available online, but also hundreds of really good free sites too. Searching is usually free, and you can see the transcribed record for free.

We’ve put together some of the best free genealogy websites on the internet so you can find out about your genetic history online.

As you want to become more involved in your family history search you can join a genealogy project, which is a collection of websites and a group that supports this effort.

The secret to building your genealogy is building it!

You can get started by writing down everyone you know in your family and their relations. There are free printable templates as well as attractive ones you can purchase, frame and give as gifts.

Start by looking for genealogy sites with free Family Tree Templates to begin filling out the information you have compiled. Also, there are a number of genealogy websites that have software tools to help you organize your family tree as well as letting your family join you online to learn together.

What to look for in a good genealogy research website?

Most genealogy sites include advertisements for software or paid memberships, but no billing is required you should not be required to provide any billing information to access a site that provides free genealogy information. No matter where you are in your search for your family history, you’ll find tons of helpful information on free sites.

Free genealogy websites: You can begin your search here

The following sites represent some of the very best genealogy resources on the Internet. – Research automatically scans hundreds of the top genealogy databases in every search you make. The world’s first genealogy search engine helps you find ancestors, locate lost relatives and trace family origins. Focuses on genealogy community building and networking.

USGenWeb is one of the largest and most valuable resources for historic information available to U S genealogy researchers is the USGenWeb project. This project is made of up historical enthusiasts who actively volunteer their time and energy to provide free information for other researchers throughout the country. is related to the paid site, you’ll find a large quantity of free information for your search here and is a major data site, with free instruction and reference help. Places of residence are often included as well, since the database exists as part of the Social Security benefits system. You can use this database to also find a person’s SS number, which can make future vital records searches easier. You can access the database through various sites, and this link is through the popular a free site maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here, you’ll find powerful tools to search public records, free family history software, and information about beginning your search. The goal of the project is to provide comprehensive genealogy information for every state and every county in the United States. If you’re looking for a website with ship passenger lists, Canadian genealogy resources, and other useful information. this is a great place to start out. This is a great place to look for more unusual genealogical records. Here, you’ll find cemetery records, military records, Native American genealogy resources, local histories and biographies, wills, and many other useful resources. Then use this information as a starting point to begin your research on genealogy websites – Hosts family websites for sharing photos, genealogy, and more. – Genealogy Today includes instruction, reference articles, and some unique data collections. – A website that includes references to helpful articles, especially for Native American information, plus some data. – Database of passenger lists that is free to search. – A huge website dedicated to cataloguing genealogy website links. – Interactive directory of genetic history websites and data.

GENUKI – Perhaps the most important free online genealogy research resource from the LDS is the online Irish civil registration index. Genuki an abbreviation for Genealogy UK and Ireland is another exceptionally useful and free Irish genealogy resource, providing links to hundreds of sites that will be useful in your ancestry research. On its pages you’ll find all sorts of websites listed, most of them tightly targeted the sites of archives and local libraries, sites confirming the availability and location of church records, sites dedicated to specific surname interests, historical events, locations etc. – Originally a French ancestry site, GeneaNet is now the home of many worldwide databases and indexes.– Useful links to find missing family. One of the more fascinating resources here are the transcribed cemetery records. There are researchers in every State around the U S that walk through the oldest cemeteries and actually transcribe names along with birth dates, date of death and family members. The truth is, she delivers well on that promise. One of the more impressive links on the site are the ship passenger lists where you can search through the names of your ancestors who immigrated to the U S decades ago. You can search through the database alphabetically or just search by specific name.

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