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Gerontology Programs and Degrees Online


Do you dream of working with the elderly? Are you fascinated with the process of aging, or have a deep desire to help with the problems associated with aging? Gerontology may be in your future, and you can get started with Gerontology Programs which can be completed online.

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At the very least, you will be required to have a high school diploma to work in this field, but higher education is usually preferred, and may be required depending on the area that you choose to specialize in. Unfortunately, unless you are seeking a doctorate degree, the wages for work in Gerontology are not that great, and therefore, you must have a true calling for the work.

Despite the low wages, growth in the field of gerontology is amazing. This may be due to the fact that Baby Boomers are now senior citizens, which could mean that the demands in this field lessen as time goes by, and we have fewer senior citizens living at any given time. One thing is, however, certain. There will always be senior citizens who need help in a variety of ways.

Careers in Gerontology allow professionals to work in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, senior citizen centers, and a variety of human service organizations. These careers could be focused on medical care, mental care, or general physical care of the elderly.

One thing that keeps people away from this field is that it can be emotionally draining. Just as there will always be senior citizens, people will always die. Some cases are quite sad, and if you don’t have the mental strength to keep this from dragging you down, you may want to consider a different field. No matter what your specialty in this field is, your main objective should always be to improve the quality of life for the aging.

Programs and Degrees Online Resources

Course Title: Certificate in Gerontology – Management of Aging Services
Name of Company: University of Massachusetts – Online
Location: 100 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Description: This is not a degree program, and ideally, the student will already be educated and employed in a healthcare field.

Course Title: Bachelor Degree in Gerontology
Name of Company: University of Maryland
Location: 3501 University Blvd. East, Adelphi, Maryland, United States
Description: This four year program is available online, and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on Higher Learning.

Course Title: Various Gerontology Courses and Programs
Name of Company: University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology
Location: 3715 McClintock Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States
Description: This school is one of the largest and oldest schools for the study of Gerontology, and as such participates frequently in new research regarding aging.

Course Title: Gerontology Program
Name of Company: Portland Community College
Location: PO Box 19000, Portland, Oregon, United States
Description: Portland Community College offers short-term certificate programs, a one-year certificate, and an associate’s degree in Gerontology.

Course Title: Gerontology Certification
Name of Company: Independence University, California College for Health Sciences
Location: Online, California, United States
Description: This online school offers courses that include Healthy Aging, Biology of Aging, Contemporary Issues in Gerontology, Psychosocial Aspects of Aging, and Long-Term Care.

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