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Going on Vacation During Pregnancy


Travel is fun and exciting, and pregnancy shouldn’t prevent you from doing so if you are healthy and the pregnancy is going well. Unfortunately, not all travel insurance companies will agree with that.

Can you get travel insurance during pregnancy?

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How Pregnant Are You?

Most insurance companies do offer some level of coverage for travel if you are pregnant, depending on how pregnant you are. Some will not cover you during the first two to three months of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage is higher. Others will not cover you during the last four to eight weeks of pregnancy, when birth is pending. Some companies won’t cover you in either of those cases. You will have to check with the insurance companies that you are considering to find out what their policy is.

What Does Your Doctor Say?

Many insurance companies that do offer travel insurance for pregnant women will require a letter from your doctor, stating that travel is safe for you – including the fact that your chosen mode of travel, such as flying, is safe for you. This, of course, probably requires a visit to the doctor, but in some cases a call to your doctor will get you the letter that you require.

If your doctor advises against travel, or against a certain type of travel, please take his or her advice seriously. He or she is not trying to ruin your vacation. They only have your best interest at heart in this situation – they have nothing to gain or lose.

Know What is and is not Covered

Your insurance company may offer travel insurance while you are pregnant, but they may not cover any expenses related to your pregnancy, or any emergency that arises that involves your pregnancy. This, of course, could cover a wide range of issues. For example, if you are in a car accident, and you need to have an emergency c-section because of this, that may not be covered, because it involves the pregnancy. You won’t be able to change the insurance company’s policies, but at the very least you need to be clear on what is and is not covered.

If you have an existing travel policy, due to the fact that you travel frequently even when you are not pregnant, make sure that you read that policy carefully to see if revisions are needed. Make sure you read the small print!

Can You Have Travel Vaccinations During Pregnancy?

When you travel out of your home country, you often need vaccinations before undertaking that travel. Often, this is a choice, but in some cases, depending on the country that you are traveling to, it is mandatory. Can you have travel vaccinations during pregnancy?

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Clear All Vaccines with Your Doctor First

Just as you need to clear your travel plans with your doctor, you also need to clear all vaccinations with your doctor as well. Never take any vaccination without first discussing it thoroughly with your doctor. Not all vaccinations are safe for the baby.

Your obstetrician or gynecologist may not have the necessary vaccines that you require, without proper notice, so in most cases, he or she will not be administering the vaccines. The doctor who will administer the vaccines may require a clearance letter from your obstetrician first, so make sure that you get that when you visit your doctor.

Get Information about Specific Vaccines

Find out which specific vaccines are required, and why they are required. Then, use the internet, your doctor, and other medical sources to learn as much about those vaccines as possible – particularly how they relate to the baby that you are carrying.

Give a great deal of weight to research that has been done in the past, as it relates to pregnant women. If the information states that there has not been enough research to determine the safety of the product for pregnant women, you might want to seriously reconsider the vaccine – otherwise, you and your baby just became test subjects.

When in Doubt, Don’t

Use your common sense and your gut instincts in the case of vaccinations during pregnancy. Is the travel necessary? Can it be put off until after the baby is born? Can someone else go in your place? Travel may be fun and exciting. It may be important for your business. In the end, however, the most important thing is the health of your unborn baby. Don’t lose sight of this, and if you are in doubt concerning a vaccination, don’t take the vaccination.

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