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Group Therapy Training


If you are in the psychology field, you may want to start offering group therapy to your clients. Group therapy has numerous benefits, but you must be certified as a group therapy counselor before you can start offering this service to your clients.

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Group therapy is not something that you just go to school for. There are specific schools and organizations that offer this training, but typically you must have an advanced degree in the psychology field in order to be eligible for such training. At the very least, you must hold a master’s degree.

Psychologists who offer group therapy to their clients find that many of those clients will benefit in ways that were not thought possible in the past. Through group therapy, clients are able to more effectively deal with a wide range of problems, and it for certain types of problems, just seeing that they are not alone is a key factor.

Typically, when group therapy is offered it is offered to clients who share similar situations or similar mental health conditions. For example, you might have group therapy available for grief counseling. You may also have group therapy for those patients who have social problems, once they have reached the stage in their therapy where they need to actually start interacting with other people in a safe environment.

Often, as a psychologist, you will have the opportunity to observe your clients more closely in a group setting than you do in a private session. This is because as the group members interact, you are able to take note of their interaction. This interaction will reveal many aspects of each individual member of the group allowing you to offer more effective treatment in both group counseling and private sessions.

In order to become certified and receive group therapy training, you will have to adhere to the requirements of the program that you select for that training and certification. Some will have certain background requirements, clinical requirements during training, and a certain number of clock hours of completion for certification.

Group Therapy Resources

Course Title: Group Therapy Training Program
Name of Company: The Psychotherapy Institute
Location: 2232 Carleton Street, Berkeley California, United States
Description: This is a two phase program that is offered to licensed psychologists, whether they work in a private practice, or for an agency.

Course Title: Group Psychotherapy Training Program
Name of Company: The Washington School of Psychiatry
Location: 5028 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400, Washington D.C., United States
Description: In order to be considered for this program, you must hold an advanced degree in the field of psychology. Scholarships are available, but only offered based on need and merit.

Course Title: Various Group Therapy Training and Certification Programs
Name of Company: American Group Psychotherapy Association
Location: 25 East 21st Street, 6th Floor, New York City, New York, United States
Description: The AGPA offers training opportunities and certification for professional psychologists who wish to become group therapists as well.

Course Title: Various Group Therapy Training Programs
Name of Company: The Institute for Individual and Group Psychotherapy
Location: 29600 Northwestern Highway, Suite 100A, Southfield, Michigan, United States
Description: The IIGP offers an introductory program, a traineeship program, and a fellowship program for licensed psychotherapists who wish to offer group therapy to their patients.

Course Title: Various Group Therapy Training Programs
Name of Company: Center for Group Counseling
Location: 22455 Boca Rio Road, Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Description: The Center for Group Counseling offers programs for graduate students and those who are already in a psychology profession. The center focuses on community service programs as well.

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