Thursday, June 4, 2020

Let Go With This 6 Minute Guided Relaxation


Abdominal breathing is a wonder drug. Forget sleep aids, anti-anxiety meds or pain killers – this breathing practice is now your new best friend.

It’s simple, you can do it anytime of day and it will always make you feel better. That’s the Lacey Haynes guarantee right there, people.

We’re all always breathing, that’s just a part of being alive. But with conscious, focused breathing, you can actually bring yourself into a deep state of connection and release. It’s such an extraordinary feeling, to gain perspective and to feel more grounded. That’s what this simple practice will teach you.

Find a quiet spot for just 6-ish minutes and let the world melt away. I hope this helps you to feel wickedly great. If it makes you feel more relaxed, well – share it with your pals. They’ll be glad you did.

Lacey Haynes, The Yoga Emporium – Guided Relaxation

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