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Gym Instructor Courses Online


Do you have an avid interest in fitness? If so, you might want to consider a career as a gym instructor. Gym instructors work in schools, colleges, for private sports clubs, professional sport teams, and health clubs. When you take and complete courses online for becoming a gym instructor — a whole world of opportunity opens up for you.

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The most secure jobs in the gym instructor career niche are those that are in the public school system. These are also typically the jobs with the most security, health benefits, and retirement benefits. The pay rate, however, for different types of gym instructors, working in different venues, varies greatly.

As a gym instructor, you may instruct children, teens, or adults. You may also instruct these individuals in a variety of physical fitness activities, depending on the venue in which you work.

The education required to become a gym instructor can be obtained online, for the most part. However, there are some aspects of it that may require in-person instruction. If you already hold a degree, however, this may not be required. This may also not be required for certain types of gym instructors. A prime example of this is aerobics instructors, yoga instructors, and Pilate’s instructors. While you will need to know how to lead a course, and this may require in-person instruction, the requirement for most jobs is certification, which can be obtained with an online education and a certification examination.

Regardless of the type of gym instruction you choose, or where you plan to work, because the health care industry is growing, and fitness has become so important to us, you will find that the opportunity for growth and advancement in this field is practically without limits. Many gym instructors only work part time, and others manage a fulltime position, or they work at two or more part time positions at the same time.

Recommended Online Courses

Course Title: Online Personal Trainer Certification
Company: SG Fitness
Location: United States
Description: Through this company, you can earn certification as a personal trainer, an aerobics instructor, kickboxing instructor, sports nutritionist, pilates instructor, health club manager, or master trainer.

Course Title: Certified Fitness Instructor
Company: American Fitness Professionals & Associates
Location: 1601 Long Beach Blvd., Ship Bottom, New Jersey, United States
Description: This program provides practical and academic training and certification can be obtained through this company when you’ve completed your course.

Course Title: Personal Trainer
Company: American Council on Exercise
Location: 4851 Paramount Drive, San Diego, California, United States
Description: This organization offers instruction for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and advanced fitness specialists, as well as other fitness professionals.

Course Title: Gym Instructor Program
Company: Australian Institute of Fitness
Location: Online, Australia
Description: This is one of the beginning programs offered through this organization, and it forms the basis for master trainer.

Course Title: Various Gym Instructor Courses
Company: American Fitness Training of Athletics
Location: PO Box 253, Ripley, Tennessee, United States
Description: This organization offers online training, as well as home-study training which can be conducted at your own pace.

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