Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What Causes Hair Loss? Here’s Why You Are Losing Your Hair


Hair loss, commonly referred to as baldness, is a body disorder that involves lack of hair growth especially on the head. Hair loss varies from sectional or partial to total or complete hair loss. Scientists have established from their research that the growth of human hair is constant and that hair continues to grow with every second of human life, though in minimal length. Hair loss is normal as some hair has to be shed off to allow more and healthier hair to grow. However, some people experience excessive hair loss and this is a disorder.

Who Can Lose Their Hair?

Anyone is prone to this disorder depending on the circumstances of the case. People suffering from stress and depression are at a higher risk of experiencing excessive hair loss. People who have undergone surgery may also experience hair loss although this is not always bound to happen. The other groups of people that are at risk of getting hair loss are patients suffering from hormone related diseases. Pregnant women are also at risk of loosing hair especially after delivery. This is however not very common and occurs in very isolated cases.


As mentioned earlier, there are several causes of hair loss. Some of these causes include depression and stress, surgery and post pregnancy. Research also indicates that there are some medications that can result in hair loss due to the ingredients contained within them. Most of these conditions however are reversible. For instance, hair loss in a pregnant woman decreases after delivery while one that is caused by particular medications ceases when the medication is discontinued. Hair loss may also be a sign or symptom of another disease especially a skin disease. Infections may also contribute to hair loss.


There is only one symptom of this particular disorder. This symptom is the gradual but excessive shedding of hair which eventually leads to baldness or total lack of hair on the head.

Over the Counter Treatment

There are creams that are available in most pharmacies and chemists that can be applied to counter hair loss. If possible it is important to avoid what is causing the hair loss in the first place for example stress and depression.

Alternative Treatment

It is important to always make sure that your hair is well maintained by ensuring that the hair is kept clean. Additionally, using strong chemicals like those found in hair dyes is not a good idea as it may play a key role in causing hair loss.

Medical Treatment

As already mentioned, most conditions of hair loss are reversible. One only needs to establish the cause of the hair loss and avoid it. However there are medications that are available for those that need it. Cleanliness also plays a key role in preventing hair loss.

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