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Hair Removal When Pregnant & Safety


The greatest miracle of this world is to have a child whom you want to raise and educate in the best possible conditions. If you are pregnant, it is normal to desire a smooth skin and to get rid of the excess hair. Because you are pregnant it should not mean that you can not look good and have a beautiful skin and a beautiful hair.

Depilatory Hair Removal Cream

The hair removal cream works only on the skin surface. So what are the things you should be careful with? Because some women have a more sensitive skin during pregnancy, you should be careful at the time it takes for the cream to be effective, because the risk of irritation gets higher as the time needed for the cream to act on the skin increases (due to the ammonia). For the areas above the brows, choose a special cream for the face. Check carefully the composition of the depilatory cream and if it is within the validity period. There are special depilatory creams that are allowed to be used for hair removal even during pregnancy.

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The Hair Removal – Shaving

Hair removal using a razor blade (shaving) is preferred by the women who don’t want to spend a lot of time with this operation. Shaving allows you to have a smooth skin, in a short time without pain. The negative aspect of shaving is that the hair will grow back fast and the repeated shaving in short intervals of time might lead to skin irritation. The irritations are quite unpleasant for the armpits and groin.  For women who used this method even before they got pregnant, the shaving remains the best method for the hair removal especially after the belly starts to grow.

Hair Removal With An Electric Device (Epilator)

If you are used with it, then there should be no problem. For those that haven’t used this method before it is important to know that the pain is greater on the most sensitive areas (armpits and groin). However, after several hair removal sessions using an epilator the body will get used with the pain and this will make the hair removal less painful in the future.


If you are able to choose the type of wax, the best one should be the cold wax. Why? The heat can cause the dilation of the blood vessels, leading to the appearance of the varicose veins. With depilatory strips you will obtain good results without great pain.

During pregnancy, especially during the last trimester of the pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive and prone to irritation, also will tolerate less the pain during a waxing session – an intense pain in the late pregnancy can cause contractions. Therefore, experts have concluded that you can get waxed during the pregnancy but is best to avoid it in the last trimester.

Laser Hair Removal

You have to specify that you are pregnant when entering the clinic specialized in laser hair removal. Even if there is no evidence that laser hair removal may be harmful during the pregnancy, it will be difficult to find a clinic that will accept to perform this procedure if you are pregnant.

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