Sunday, June 7, 2020

Halle Berry: Diet, Detox & Fitness & Workout Routine


What is Halle Berry’s secret? How does she look so good in her fifties?

Detox Diet Plan

Halle Berry has had to “make weight” as it were to get in shape for movie parts all through her career. Yet never resorting to follow ultra low-calorie diets or starve herself.

Instead she focuses on eating nutritious foods that fuel and feed her body. Giving her the energy she needs to perform her roles not just as an actress and movie celebrity, yet also as a mother of two.

Her diet plans is not really a diet plan at all rather she has created a lifestyle for herself which makes life easy and keeps her weight down. She essentially eats lean protein, vegetables, fruits and drinks plenty of water.

She allows herself a “cheat day” once a week where she can eat whatever she feels like yet more often than not finds she still goes for the green smoothie. Or other healthy choice around the house.

Workout Routine

Halle Berry likes to focus on her butt when she works out. It really fits her figure and that’s why she does many legs, and inner thighs workouts along with squats as part of her exercise routine. She only works out for short durations and makes sure she gets some aerobic cardio work in for warm up and often for cool down too.

No stranger to the gym Halle Berry does resistance training too a couple of times a week. And also jogs and walks often to maintain a slim figure.

Halle Berry Comments

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