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5 Great Healthy Halloween Recipes


Halloween is coming, and that means that you are probably preparing yourself for a party! One of the wonderful things about Halloween is that it can be celebrated and enjoyed by people of all ages. Some of you will have small children that will be experiencing the fun and excitement of Halloween for the first time. Some of you will have teenagers who have decided to spend some time with the family, and you want to engage them and keep it interesting. And some of you will not have children, which means you are probably planning your own Halloween party for your friends! However you are deciding to have fun on Halloween, there is always one major thing that you need to start thinking about now: and that is your Halloween recipes.

Just like any other holiday, one of the fun things about Halloween is that it involves so much food! But sometimes you can find that you end up using the same recipes over and over again, which can get really boring. That is why we have put together five great Halloween recipes which are simple to make, cheap to buy the ingredients for, and best of all – look terrifying! We have also included a top tip for each one to ramp up the fear factor. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get scary in the kitchen!

Gruesome Hand Meatloaf.

If you are looking for a great way to gross out your friends and family, then why not have this disgusting hand meatloaf as the main part of your meal? It looks absolutely fantastic, but it really simple to make. First of all, boil two eggs and then grate them. Chop up an onion and a carrot and mix them with 500 grams of minced meat. Pop in the eggs, and put the mixture in a baking tray shaped like a hand. You can then use parts of another onion to make the fingernails and the bone. Bake until it is almost done, and then cover it with slices of cheese – bake a little bit more until the cheese is all brown, and then serve up on a bed of mashed potato! Fear factor guaranteed.

Disgusting Eyeball Ice Cubes.

These are so easy to do that it hurts, and they make such an impact when one of your guests looks down and sees their drink looking back at them! The preparation is simple, but it is best to do a couple of days in advance, just to make sure that the ice has set properly. Grab enough small radishes to fill your eye cube tray and after chopping the ends off, scrape most of the red skin off with a knife – but not all! That way the eyes can look lovely and veiny. Now use a small melon scooper to dig out a small hole, and place a halved olive inside, with the whole facing out. You’re done! Just pop each eyeball into each hole in the ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze so that they will be ready for your party.

Floating Apple Heads.

Perfect for apple dunking, or just adorning some apple juice or cider, these apple heads are really fun to make, especially with children. Peel as many apples as you want to make, and then carve little faces into them – as weird and wonderful as you like! You should then leave the apple heads in some lemon juice for about a minute so that they don’t go off. Next, pop them face up on a baking tray, and bake until the edges are starting to go a little brown. Pop cloves into the eyes, just to give them that extra darkness, and then dunk them in a bucket of apple juice or cider. They will float to the top totally naturally!

Green Monster Cookies.

Everyone knows that there is a monster hiding under their bed . . . but how many are hiding in your fridge? If you make these, then tonnes – which is good news for children, as this is another fantastic kid friendly recipes. First off, melt three tablespoons of butter, and then add four cups of marshmallows. When they are all melted, you should remove the pan from the heat, and add a few drops of green food coloring. Add in your six cups of cereal – whatever you choose – and then stir it until it is all mixed in together. Pop into a well greased baking tray, and leave it to cool for ten minutes. When your mixture is hard, cut out into weird shapes, and then wrap with gauze. The last thing that you need to do is stick on some edible eyes – and your green monsters are ready to be eaten!

Pickled Brains in a Jar.

If you can’t seem to get your children – or your friends! – to eat their vegetables, then this is a great way of tricking them into it. After all, who wants to be the cowardly one that doesn’t want to try eating a pickled brain? Thankfully for us, the ones that have to make them, they are not pickled brains – but instead, just cauliflower. Grab a large jar, and place the cauliflowers inside with the florets against the glass. Then fill a saucepan with eight cups of water. Add in a cup of red-wine vinegar, three cups of white-wine vinegar, a cup of sugar, half a cup of salt, a tablespoon of black peppercorns, a tablespoon of brown mustard seeds, and five red pearl onions. Phew! Boil up this mixture until it is bubbling, and then carefully pour over your cauliflower. Let the jar and its contents cool to room temperature, and then pop in the fridge. This marvelous concoction can last up to a week, so you can start your preparations early if you need to.

Of course, the wonderful thing about these recipes is that they are so versatile; you can make them to any sort of specification numbers wise, and they are easily altered if you or one of your loved ones has a food allergy. So whatever you decide to do this Halloween, make sure that you do not do it without these fun Halloween recipes!

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