Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Cow! Finding Vegan Restaurants


Every time my husband and I go to a new city the first thing I do is go to the Happy Cow website: It’s a great site for finding great vegan finds in various cities. Since we travel so much it’s been a quest of mine to find good vegan eats in the cities we go through. I particularly enjoying finding small places that are often the first vegan option in the town they are in. I hope to showcase some of these places to give them some much needed attention, you know, so that we can take over the world and all.

Today we’re in San Jose, CA outside of San Francisco. It’s like the birth of technology or something, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one running a 10 year old dell laptop with linux, and I don’t have an I-phone which just makes me weird here. While we traveled up the coast from LA to San Jose there weren’t a ton of options in the small towns along the way. I’ve had veggie sushi 3 nights in a row, and have mainly survived on raw bars, fruit a nut trail mix, which isn’t bad or anything, but I was really wanting to get something tasty.  You can imagine my delight when I typed in the address to the hotel where we are staying for my husbands conference and .03 miles from it a Vegan Cafe pops up. I nearly cried. Well not really, but I was really happy.

Good Karma Cafe is off of 1st. St in downtown San Jose, it’s a little hard to find at first, but it’s not that far from the Walgreens on the corner of 1st and Santa Clara. It’s a small place with a decent menu of various dishes. I asked what was good and they recommended a tofu curry, tofu scrambles, some of their veggie dishes, a really tasty looking roll, mashed potatoes, and some other very good sounding things. I went for tofu scramble, and asked to make it a wrap. It was DELICIOUS they stuffed it with beans, brown rice, and a cabbage medley with a really nice light sauce. The guys in the cafe were really nice and friendly and helpful. I always feel like I’m looking for drugs or I’m finding fellow members of a secret society when I go into small vegan places. We should really have a hand shake or something.

Anyway, if you are in San Jose for some reason, be sure to check out Good Karma and support a small vegan cafe!

I’d love to know your favorite vegan stores/cafes/restaurants! I’m always on the road, so any suggestion is helpful, and could help others!

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