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Healing Pregnancy Breast Pain


One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is swollen, sore breasts. Breast pain is very common during and throughout a pregnancy. This is due to hormone changes in the body as much as it is due to the fact that the body is changing, and the breasts are preparing for breastfeeding. Because of the discomfort, however, you do need to know about how to sooth it.

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Bras for Preventing Pregnancy Breast Pain

Once you become pregnant, you really need to store away your lacy, frilly bras. First, you won’t be able to fit into them for much longer, and second, they will do nothing to help health and comfort. In fact, those pretty bras can make the pain even worse.

You need good, sturdy bras that offer lots of breast support. For these bra purchases, the best thing you can do for yourself, and your breasts, is to visit a maternity shop, or to shop in a department store where the sales person is skilled concerning how bras should fit properly. While discount stores will be cheaper, you need the knowledge that you will get in a maternity store or department store the most right now.

Different Bras You Need for Pregnancy

The bras that you purchase need to be supportive, but made of soft materials so that they do not rub and irritate the breasts – particularly the nipples. Cotton is always the best choice. For daytime wear, you might select a good maternity bra. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you will want to trade those bras for nursing bras, which will carry you through after the baby is born as well.

If you have severe breast pain due to pregnancy, you might also consider special bras for pregnant women that are used specifically for sleeping. This means that your breasts will be supported during your waking and sleeping hours, with different bras being used for each.

When a Bra Does Nothing for Pain

Each woman is different, and while some won’t experience any breast pain past the first trimester, others will experience severe breast pain that even good bras cannot remedy. If this is your situation, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may suggest alternating ice and heat on your breasts for specified periods of time to help with the pain. Do not take any over-the-counter pain relievers without your doctors permission, as this can harm your baby.

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