Monday, October 26, 2020

Health Sciences Online Degree


Where would the human race be without healthcare workers? The healthcare industry is one of the few industries in the world that continually grows. There is no danger of having a useless degree if you earn a health sciences degree using the internet, as there will always be a need for healthcare workers, in every aspect of the industry.

Where you work, and what you do within the healthcare industry, with a health sciences degree will usually be dependent on what you’ve decided to specialize in. Those who have this type of degree will work in a variety of positions in hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, retirement homes, dental offices, home healthcare agencies, outpatient centers, ambulance services, medical laboratories, and even in healthcare education venues.

Just as where you work, and what you do is determined by your specialization, the amount of money that you earn annually will be dependent on your education, where you choose to work, the position you have, and the size and budget of the establishment. Statistics tell us that those who work in larger hospitals seem to earn the largest salaries in the healthcare field.

Again, the growth expected in the healthcare industry is astounding. It is expected that this field will grow by 13% by 2012, and by another 16% by 2016. The growth rate in the industry is higher than the national average, which is a good indication that this is a great field to enter – especially for those who are just starting out in the work force.

While there has been a great deal of debate as to how Healthcare Reform will affect the employment opportunities in the healthcare field, the fact is that there will always be a need for more healthcare workers – regardless of what the government does – and because of that need, people in this industry will always be well paid.

Online Degree Online Resources

Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Name of Company: South University
Location: 709 Mall Boulevard, Savannah, Georgia, United States
Description: This four year program will prepare students for a career in health sciences, from a health standpoint and a business standpoint. It focuses on math, science, humanities, business, healthcare delivery, public health, and medical offices.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Allied Health
Name of Company: Widener University
Location: One University Place, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Description: In this program, you will have the ability to select from two different minors, which include Applied Supervision and Instructional Methods. For this program, you must already have an associate’s degree, but healthcare related certificates may also be approved.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Name of Company: Kaplan University
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Description: This program will prepare you for a wide range of healthcare careers, and also prepare you for a master’s program, should you desire to further your education.

Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Name of Company: Keiser University
Location: 1800 Business Park Boulevard, Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
Description: This program is designed for those who already have an associate’s degree in a healthcare related field. You can choose one of two different tracks in this program. One leads to a career in healthcare management, and the other leads to a career in healthcare education.

Course Title: Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Studies – Health Studies
Name of Company: Ashford University
Location: 400 North Bluff Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa, United States
Description: Transfer students are welcome in this program, and actually even preferred. Your past education will help to determine the career track that is selected through this healthcare program as well.

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