Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Healthy Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Women


Women who perform Kegel exercises for a period of six weeks to three months notice not only improvement in urinary incontinence but also in their sex lives. Dr. Arnold Kegel developed an exercise, named after him, which consisted of contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor in order to strengthen the area as a way to combat urinary problems. His test patients experienced heightened pleasure during intercourse and thus Kegels were recommended for a woman’s sex life too.


In women, the strength of the pelvic muscles can be compromised in a number of ways which include vaginal childbirth, cesarean section, pregnancy, obesity and even surgery and simple old age. When the pelvic wall muscles are weakened, this state often contributes to urinary incontinence. Activities like jogging, laughing, sneezing and other physical stressors will make the incontinence worse. Kegel exercises are an approved, natural way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reduce incidences of urinary incontinence.

Who Benefits from Kegels?

Females of all ages can benefit from Kegel exercises, especially if they wish to reduce urinary incontinence and increase pleasure during intercourse. Pregnant women can especially benefit from Kegels as they prepare the body for the trauma of vaginal birth. Overweight women have stretched out pelvic floor muscles due to the extra pounds they carry around so Kegels can help strengthen the muscles. Older females whose pelvic muscles simply weaken over time can avoid sanitary pads or adult diapers by practicing Kegel movements.

Performing the Kegels

The muscles that control the flow of urine are the ones that you need to target. To exercise the pelvic floor area, squeeze those muscles tightly, pulling them in, pretending to hold your urine. Hold the squeezed position for about ten seconds before releasing the position for another ten seconds. Repeat these contractions ten times in a row at least three to five times a day. It will take several weeks before you notice a discernible difference. If you are overweight, it may take longer than other women.

The good news is that you do not need a gym or any special equipment to do these Kegel exercises. In fact, no one will know when you do them so you can make use of your time waiting in line, sitting in traffic or even toiling away in a meeting. Without any extra special effort, the muscles in your pelvic wall that also help control the urethra (passageway for urine) will strengthen, reducing your incidences of urinary incontinence as well as heighten pleasure during sex.

Some doctors extol the benefits of using vaginal weighted cones while performing Kegel exercises. Women with exceptional incontinence problems who want to avoid surgical correctional procedures may want to consider weighted Kegel exercises. Just like with other strength training exercises, you slowly add weight to your exercise routine to further strengthen those muscles.

Not Just for Women

Men also experience urinary incontinence. They too can benefit from performing Kegel exercises themselves. Some men who have prostate surgery go through a period of incontinence and Kegel exercises can help them recover faster from surgery and taper off the incidences of urine leakage.

The bottom line is that there are two main benefits of Kegel exercises for women – a reduction of urinary incontinence and an increase of sexual pleasure. Regardless of your health condition, Kegels can improve your wellbeing.

Gloria Brown
Women's health and wellness retreat leader providing vacations and trips for women to get in shape -- and stay that way! On CleansePlan.com you can find my articles about weight loss, health and women's issues. Please feel free to contact me on gloria@cleanseplan.com

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