Thursday, October 1, 2020

Healthy Plant Based Diet: Still Not Made The Switch?


I remember getting really upset with people who drank, did illegal drugs, or smoked recklessly. I could not understand why people would choose to continue in behaviors that not just lead to early deaths, but to years of suffering, and was so painful to the people who loved them.

Fast forward to when I got diabetes. I never thought of myself of living a reckless life. I thought I just did what most American’s did – eat what I thought I had a right to eat, and hope for the best. I would say things like “everyone is going to die” and that “I’m going to die anyway, so why not eat and indulge from time to time”. I can now say this was complete bull.

Eating recklessly is no better than smoking or drinking recklessly. You get some kind of high from eating poorly, the fast food, the animal products, the high sugar foods. It does something for the brain, otherwise you would be smart enough to not eat things that lead to years and years of suffering and dying a painful death.

Every thing that we consume is a choice. We actively choose if we want to eat things that will heal or hurt our body. Most people in our society choose to hurt themselves, to live a reckless and careless life. We lie to ourselves telling ourselves that it’s ok to indulge, that we’re going to die anyway, that we shouldn’t have to do something that does not seem the most pleasurable to us.

This now makes no sense to me. To me living and thriving and not worrying about things like amputation and blindness or certain cancers is MUCH more pleasurable than eating a fast food meal. Knowing that I can run on a beach, go for a hike, be around for my husband and those who love me, that’s pleasurable.

What I was choosing before was reckless and honestly, it was careless. It was careless of me not to think of those who loved me and what they would have to go through if I remained the way I was. It was careless of me to think that I was just going to die anyway, so might as well eat junk. The bottom line is that as long as I was consuming animal products I was choosing to live a reckless and careless life. When I found out the truth and the tons and tons of science behind what animal products did to my body, I had no excuse. At that moment every thing I consumed was a choice to live recklessly or not. Every bite was a choice, a decision about how I wanted to live and if I wanted to heal myself or hurt myself.

I don’t look at food as food anymore. Sure, I LOVE food, my tastes have changed remarkably this year, I love fresh veggies, I love the taste of food, real food. But I don’t look at food as some pleasurable, high feeling like I used to. I look at food as healing medicine. I look at food as what nourishes my body and mind. Every thing I put in should only lead to health and truly feeling alive.

Living a reckless life might feel good in the moment, you might really like that high you get from the foods you eat. You might love that high you get when you binge, or drive through a fast food place. But I promise, in the end? It’s just not worth that high. Find new ways to get high. Move your body, get active, eat living foods that nourish and heal your body. Choose a life where your loved ones won’t have to suffer because you choose to get a preventable disease. Live a life that is not reckless not just for the sake of yourself, but for the ones around you, who love you.

There are other options. Heart disease, diabetes and most cancers are not a given, they are a choice. We can choose a better life that does not involve needless suffering for years and years and years. We can choose a life that gives and supports all life. We can choose a life that is not all about reckless behaviors for some kind of cheap, temporary high.

If you have not made the switch to a healthy plant based diet, ask yourself what you are getting out of living a reckless and careless life. It is one of the hardest questions I had to ask myself, but one that made all the difference in changing the way I thought about my life and the way I treated it.

It’s time to start living and thriving, and it’s time to stop living recklessly. Make this year about you learning to love your body and to love life in a way that you never though possible, and do not let the reckless addictions get in the way of that.


  1. Deana

    When my mother got breast cancer I asked the doctor what I could do not to suffer the same. He told me that her weight and lifestyle was the number one thing that lead to her breast cancer. I changed every thing that day. I did not want my daughter to go through the same thing I just did. It takes a few weeks to get adjusted and it means years of living a thriving life.

  2. Kristen

    When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I was inspired to begin eating a raw vegan diet. I feel it’s changed my life toward all-around better things… I just wish I could get the message through to my mom that she has cancer because of the lifestyle she leads. She *thinks* she eats healthy… but frying chicken legs in veggie oil and white rice with butter and salt just isn’t *healthy*.

  3. Mike

    I always was prideful about eating meat and eating unhealthy. I would make fun of all the hippies who ate lettuce. That was until I had a heart attack and I wasn’t even 40. It scared the hell out of me and my wife. My doctor told me that my cholesterol was through the roof, and that it was all my fault. The stupidist thing was that I didn’t even know that all those tasty steaks only have cholesterol and fat. I thought eating lean meat was better because I was apparently an idiot. My wife told me if I didn’t change my diet that she wasn’t going to be around the day I had another heart attack and she didn’t want my kid to go through it either. I had to choose between eating the way I thought was macho and the way that was really macho, eating so I didn’t die and leave my family behind. I hate eating veggies, I am learning, but I also hate that I was so selfish that I would choose a slab of beef over my kid and wife. I’m working on it. Thanks Natala for every thing, you have helped us a lot.

  4. Sandy

    I have been vegetarian, lacto ovo for many years (1986) and a junk food junkie. Type 2 diabetic since 2007 or so. Began with oral medications and then also insulin injections. December 17 2019 I went Vegan and no junk (Dr Barnards book on diabetes very very helpful!!) and the kickstart is helping
I was taking Glucophage 1000 mg twice a day, 45 units of Lantus insulin every evening and 15 units of Apidra 3 times daily with meals. Thats 4 injections daily.
Well, today, 23 days later, I am taking 500 mg of Glucaphage twice daily (half the pill) and that is all. I was decreasing insulin along the way. I have not needed the mealtime coverage since the 2nd day !! and I went from 45 to 35 to 20 to NO Lantus now for 2 days and doing well. NONE !! Hallelujah!! NO INJECTIONS and half the pill! Also18 pounds are GONE !! I still have about 80 pounds to reach goal but 60-70 is still reasonable. I am doing lo fat Vegan. 
Also I say weight is gone as opposed to ‘lost’. For I have lost and found too many pounds over the years. This time they are GONE! Not to return!!
Just had to share and celebrate!! 
Hang in there, diabetes is going too!!

I went on a plant based diet after diabetes almost took my life. Now, almost 2 years later not only have I reduced my type 2 diabetes symptoms, I have lost close to 200 pounds (and still losing). This is a place where I write about my journey as I continue the quest for health, and living a good life for today, and long into the future. Get hold of me on

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