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Common Causes of Hearing Loss & Available Treatment


The human body has five major organs that serve the purpose of sensing. These organs include the tongue that senses taste, the eyes that sense sight, the skin that senses touch, the nose that senses smell and the ears that sense sound. Sometimes, these organs that play a key role in the bodily functions suffer impairment. The commonly affected organs are the eyes and the ears. Hearing loss is therefore the impairment suffered by the ears. It is the loss of ability to detect or comprehend sounds. Hearing loss could be total or partial.

Who Can Get Lose Hearing?

More often than not, deafness which is the name commonly used to refer to hearing loss is as a result of another underlying body problem or illness. In simpler words, this means that rarely does hearing loss occur independently. Instead, it mostly occurs either as a symptom or as a result of another disease in the body. Patients suffering from measles and meningitis for instance are at a great risk of suffering from hearing loss. Mumps, AIDS, syphilis and alcohol syndrome patients are also at a great risk of suffering from deafness. Hearing loss is also prone to occur to people who are at an advanced age.


As already mentioned, there are several causes of hearing loss most of which are as a result or symptoms of other underlying diseases. However, major causes of loss of hearing include mumps, meningitis, measles, AIDS, among other diseases. In addition, some drugs may cause a permanent loss of hearing. Physical damage to the ear may also be a cause to the loss of hearing. There is also medical proof that loss of hearing or deafness could be genetic and may be inherited through the family lineage. Excessive noise can also contribute to damage of the ear leading to loss of hearing.


The obvious symptom of hearing loss is the inability to hear or detect sounds clearly or totally.

Over the Counter Treatment

There are several drugs that are available to correct this deformity. However as mentioned earlier, depending on the cause of the hearing loss, sometimes it may be irreversible rendering it unnecessary to treat.

Alternative Treatment

Besides any medication that is available, it is important to take care of our ears to prevent loss of hearing. This is done by ensuring that our ears are not exposed to an environment that can cause physical damage to our ears resulting to loss of hearing. Noisy environment for instance must be avoided at all costs.

When is Medicinal Treatment Necessary?

Medicinal treatment ought to be applied as soon as the defect is discovered. However, this should be with the advice from a doctor.

Medical Treatments

Most cases of hearing loss are reversible on cessation or avoidance of the cause. However medical treatment is available and is extremely important especially for partial hearing loss to prevent total loss of hearing.

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