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Heart Energetics


Evolving from more than eight decades of research, and supported by the testimonies of thousands upon thousands, Heart Energetics is a creative, energy-based method of becoming more focused, energised, and learning the answers to questions and underlying issues that may be preventing us all from realising our true selves.


A powerful way of transforming one’s life for the better, Heart Energetics is first solidly based on the practice of psychology but yet goes far beyond that by integrating the mind, spirit, and emotions to bring about positive change.

More involved than tradition therapy, Heart Energetics aims to get to the root of troubling matters such as depression, addictions, anxiety, unfounded fears, relationship issues, and even physical illnesses, or somatics as they are commonly known as. This particular form of therapy is effective in both one on one consultations as well as in group settings.

Heart Energetics Training

Heart Energetics training provides the unique opportunity to practice as a registered therapist with nationally approved training. For those interested in furthering their career in the field, the counsellor’s program gives one the knowledge needed to work as nationally recognised counsellor who incorporates both mainstream psychology methods along with energetic healing principles.

Courses will entail exploring numerous subjects such as spiritual psychology, Jungian therapy, shaman body ready diagnoses, delving into the many human energy fields, developing hands-on healing skills, and improving psychosomatic healing and psychotherapy skills. Also covered are somatic and breathing work, cognitive behavioural therapy, the principles of Reichian body psychotherapy, and of course, the principles of both bio-energetics and Heart Energetics.

Heart Energetics workshops are specifically designed to give one an opportunity to free themselves from their immediate past, as well as from deeply ingrained influences held within the body’s DNA.

Heart Energetics Description

Serving as a bridge between one’s spirituality and psychology, Heart Energetics aims to combine different modalities of healing involving the body, mind, and soul to form a higher and greater consciousness referred to as a person’s “Core”. Heart Energetics also allows us to find answers to questions that have been seriously troubling us and give us the capabilities to resolve deep rooted problems within our own psyche, keeping us focused and grounded throughout life.

The possibility to heal from past traumatic occurrences, even those that happened in another life, may exist as a part the Heart Energetics process. Heart Energetics directly addresses all five levels of existence within human beings, that of the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and will.

The Founders of Heart Energetics

Notable founders of the world of Heart Energetics include Dr. John Pierrakos and Dr. Alexander Lowen, both of whom were students of Wilhelm Reich, the very first psychiatrist in the western world to acknowledge and connect together the psyche and soma as energetic entities. Together, Pierrakos and Lowen created a reliable form of analysis using bio-energy to ascertain results from both the mind and body as a whole.

How Can Heart Energetics Help You?

As we know, the body itself is the most vital aspect of the entire healing process as it is the actual shell that withholds and sustains our life. The physical body is able to manifest and use energy influences from the other dimensions that we are made of, turning them into a different type of energy that has the ability to affect us on a tangible level.

Heart Energetics integrates healing along with personal growth, in essence, causing the mind, body and spirit to work together, going above and beyond conventional approaches to healing.

As explained by Dr. Pierrakos, Core Energetics focuses on the main principle that we as humans are a psychosomatic entity with the ability to love and heal ourselves, all working together in tandem toward a higher evolution of creativity and knowingness. But, to do this successfully, we must persevere to turn negativity into positive aspects that will help to transform our lives for the better.

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