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Committed to providing useful resources in order to support both cultural and personal evolution and growth, HeartPower Press offers a myriad of invaluable tools for those interested in attaining soul centred living. Open and introspective dialogue along with written materials that address the growing needs of today’s population in meaningful terms one can take and integrate into their own life are just some of what is offered.

HeartPower – The Heart

After conception the heart is the very first organ to be formed, essentially being the centre of the body and the rest of its physical formation including the brain and other vital organs. In fact, the heart actually contains neural matter similar to that which is found within the brain, acting as a sort of internal pharmacy dispensing what is needed based on responses and signals it receives from the body.

Electromagnetic energy produced by the heart envelopes every single cell within the body as well as extending out into the immediate space around our actual person. The electrical field emanating from the heart is as many as sixty times more than the brain’s, and the strength of the magnetic field is over five thousand times greater. Because of this, the heart’s rhythms and continual cycles can have a direct influence on the entire body, harnessing all of its energy and power to create one complete harmony, which is why every person’s EKG readout will be as unique and different as their fingerprint.

Understanding Trauma

When we, as humans, experience some sort of trauma, whether it be from neglect, deprivation, or the many other things that have the ability to affect our psyche, we tend to lose touch with the powers of the heart. However, by working with the emotional energy exuded by the heart, we have the power to create a sacred haven in which may heal the physical body based on a multitude of levels, drawing upon the subconscious as well as the ever present energy that is flowing through the entire body.

Understanding Stress

Stress, over long periods of time, meaning more than 15 minutes at a stretch, directly affects the body by an increased production of cortisol, the body’s natural stress hormone which helps it to cope with emergencies and stress. Cortisol should not be confused with adrenaline, which is a different substance that fuels the body’s natural fight-or-flight mechanism.

As we know from research, our ancient ancestors had to face dire situations including physical stressors such as starvation that had a considerable impact on the body, and we also know that cortisol in the body eventually breaks down in non-essential areas to feed the vital organs when needed. Although if cortisol levels remain too high for too long, the extra adrenaline rush caused will have a draining effect, exhausting both the body and the mind and contributing toward serious health complications such as anxiety, depression, weight gain in the abdominal area, hypertension, and hormonal imbalances.

Philosophy of HeartPower

Thankfully, there are easy to learn techniques that have been validated scientifically and designed to engage one’s heart healthiness with mind and body awareness while also reducing stress and its damaging effects. An example of this is the Freeze-Framer Interactive Learning System, which was created by Doc Childre who founded the Institute of HeartMath in California, that helps one to learn how to not only prevent stress, but reverse its negative effects on the body as well while achieving a higher level of awareness and well being.

The Institute of HeartMath also recently introduced its E-M Wave, which is a hand-held device similar to the Freeze-Framer that is conveniently designed for people who are always on the go.

Linda Marks HeartPower

With degrees from esteemed higher learning institutions such as Yale and MIT, Linda Marks, MSM, is a learned counsellor with experience as a social architect, author, and a body centred therapist. Throughout the past twenty five years, Linda, who is founder of the Institute for Emotional Kinaesthetic Psychotherapy, HeartPower Press, and the Sexuality and Spirituality Network in the Boston area, has worked with couples, groups, and individuals alike to help people heal beginning on a spiritual, soulful level and aim for a greater sense of being as a result.

Marks heads two weekly groups dealing with body psychotherapy that are open for both males and females who wish to experience a safe environment that’s centred solely on heart healing.

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