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Heat Exhaustion Causes & Alternative Recovery Treatments


Heat exhaustion is a mild form of heat stroke that can occur after long exposure to high temperatures as well as an inadequate amount of fluid replacement. There are a few groups that are most prone to heat exhaustion including those working outside in a hot environment, the elderly, and people who have high blood pressure.

Who Can Get Heat Exhaustion?

The most common group that get heat exhaustion are the elderly. Many do not have air conditioning in the hot summer months and can be susceptible to this condition. There is also a concern for people who have high blood pressure to keep out of the sun. And those who work outside or in an extremely hot environment all day long can also easily develop heat exhaustion.


Heat exhaustion is caused by a prolonged amount of high temperatures to the body. This can be from working outside of even just being outside in the sun for a long time. Dehydration is also a big factor in the difference between getting heat exhaustion or not. If a person is dehydrated, they will be more likely to suffer from it.

The symptoms of heat exhaustion include: paleness, tiredness, heavy sweating, muscle cramps, fainting, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and dizziness. The pulse usually beats faster than normal in a person with heat exhaustion, and they can feel cool and wet. If left untreated, a case of heat exhaustion will turn into heat stroke.

Alternative Treatments

Plenty of fluids are the key to restoring health in a person with heat exhaustion. They should be moved to a cool place and kept cool until symptoms have subsided. They should also get plenty of rest and wear light clothing until their body cools down.

A concoction of lemon balm in herbal iced tea will be able to prevent the symptoms of heat exhaustion in some people. This tea consists of ¼ cup of dried herbs to one quart of boiled water. After it is strained and chilled, it is a delicious drink that you can have anytime, but particularly before you go out into hot weather. It does not just hydrate the body, but the herbs have a cooling effect on the body’s temperature.

Medical treatment is necessary if the symptoms expressed are severe, or the person is known to have heart problems or high blood pressure.

Medical treatments for heat exhaustion will usually include a complete physical exam and re-hydration of the body in order to maintain the balance of fluids. This can be done orally or through an IV for cases that are severe.

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