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Heat Stroke Causes, Symptoms & Alternative Recovery Treatments


Heat stroke is a serious condition that can often be avoided by staying out of the sun when it is too hot outside. There are different groups that can be more affected by this condition, but even those who are working and playing outside in the sun can develop heat stroke.

Who Can Get Heat Stroke?

There are a few types of people that are more susceptible to heat stroke than others, but anyone can come down with this condition. Those more likely to suffer from heat stroke are infants, the elderly, and athletes. The elderly population that is more susceptible are those who have heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, or are on certain medications that make them vulnerable to heat stroke.


Heat stroke is caused by hyperthermia to the body. This is when the body gets too hot and will be negatively affected by the heat so that the normal heat releasing functions of the body will not work. Heat stroke can also be caused by dehydration. This person would not be able to sweat and cool their body down.


There are different symptoms to heat stroke, and some people may not get them all. Or may have different symptoms to show it. But the most common symptoms in people with heat stroke are a high body temperature, rapid pulse, seizures, disorientation, agitation, confusion, difficulty breathing, the absence of sweating, and hallucinations.

Alternative Treatments

Since heat stroke is a serious and often deadly condition if not treated right away, the first line of treatment should be to cool the body down. This can be done by using cool water, getting the person out of the sun, and using ice packs in the arms pit and groin area. Fan the heat stroke victim in order to induce sweating and the evaporation of the water.

The best alternative treatments for heat stroke is to prevent the condition from happening in the first place. If you know that you are susceptible to this condition, it is best to stay out of the sun as much as possible. For those who are not, they will need to wear loose, light colored clothing and have plenty of water with them at all times. If a person is feeling fatigued, they should more to a shady spot and rest.

Medical treatment is necessary for heat stroke victims, especially if they are dehydration. IV fluids will probably bee needed in order to get the person healthy again and back to their normal temperature.

Often when a person suffers from heat stroke, they will be admitted to the hospital and given treatments to cool them down as well as re-hydrate them. This can be anything from fluids and rest in bed to IV fluids and cool baths in more serious patients.

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