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Hepatitis Types A, B & C: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments


Hepatitis is a disease that can come in one of three different types: A, B, or C. Types A and B have vaccines that usually prevent the instance of getting the disease. Type C has not vaccine, and can be a serious health concern if not treated properly.

Who Can Get Hepatitis?

Anyone who comes into contact with a person’s fecal matter can contract type A. Anyone who has sexual contact with a person who has type B will be at risk for contracted hepatitis. And type C is spread through the blood, so only blood to blood contact will transmit hepatitis C.

Causes of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease that affects the liver in different ways, depending on the type of hepatitis. Since types A and B have vaccines, they are not deemed as serious as type C.

Hepatitis is a disease that can be spread in multiple ways, depending on the type that a person has. Type A is contracted through fecal contact, type B is spread through sexual contact, and type C is spread through blood contact only.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

There are thousands of cases of hepatitis that do undiagnosed each year because the symptoms of the disease mimic the flu. There could also be no symptoms at all. The most common symptoms of hepatitis include loss of appetite, mild fever, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Hepatitis Alternative Treatments

Over the counter treatments can help to ease some of the symptoms of hepatitis, but this will not cure it. For example, some with hepatitis B will develop itchy skin. This can be taken care of with a product such as Benadryl.

There have been no conclusive studies done on alternative treatments for Hepatitis C, but there are herbs that people will look to in order to treat their condition without the side effects of the disease. The most common herb to treat hepatitis is usually milk thistle. While it does not cure any type of liver disease, it can improve the way that the liver works.

Milk thistle is an herb from Europe that is now also grown in the US. It promotes antioxidation, live cell growth, antihepatotoxic acitivity, and inflammation inhibition.

When is Medicinal Treatment Necessary?

Medical treatment is necessary whenever someone contracts hepatitis, though many people cannot tell if they do because many cases of hepatitis go untreated.

There are only a few ways to treat a hepatitis infection. Most doctors agree that this will start with a proper diet and plenty of rest. Close contact with other should be avoided and nonviral hepatitis can benefit from taking away the alcohol or drugs that related to contracting the disease.


  1. Wang

    The primary causes of liver disease including hepatitis are known as alcohol, obesity, diabetes, dystrophy, drug abuse, etc. However, more fundamental reason lies in food intake. Food that doesn’t fit into one’s physical constitution matters most. The food that the cells in the body abhor and overeating cause dyspepsia. Foods taken from incautious dietary habit decay and make toxic material which is very harmful to the liver. This kind of unending cycle deteriorates the function of liver.
    Followings are factors of hepatitis in terms of oriental medicine: moist heat made of toxic material, stagnated blood, weakened immune function and malnutrition. Especially, in case of chronic hepatitis, the old inflammation in the liver impedes the blood circulation thereby aggravating the symptoms. In oriental medicine, this phenomenon is considered as stagnated blood.
    The herbal treatment is ‘Saeng-gan-gun-bi-tang’ of which ingredients are about 17 kinds of herbal medicines. When kidney is healthy, it also affects the general condition of liver.
    To overcome the hepatitis, patients should reduce or avoid fat, cigarettes, alcohol, sodium carbonate and need to take vitamin, mineral and high-quality protein.

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