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Herbalist Schools and Training


As we seek natural health treatments and prevention, herbalists are becoming more in demand. If you have an interest in natural healing remedies, you may be interested in finding herbalist schools and centers for training.

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There are no state laws that regulate herbalists. With that said, however, there are some organizations that oversee the industry – but only to an extent. Most herbalists have some other health background. They may be medical doctors or Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, but this is not required. It does, however, help to build a client base.

Herbalists practice their trade by using natural plants for medicinal purposes. It is very important that you understand what is and is not allowed in your state in terms of treating patients if you are not a doctor. Herbalists may also be known as practitioners of botanical medicine, herbal medicine, or phytotherapists. As an herbalist, you will meet with patients to diagnose medical problems. Again, you must use care in this practice so that you are not breaking any state laws. Once you’ve made a diagnosis, you will prescribe an herbal treatment. Often, you will prepare the treatment yourself.

While there are no education requirements as far as states are concerned, it is vital that you learn as much about the profession as possible, with the understanding that people are putting their health in your hands. Training is very important, and most training courses for this type of work are very short, lasting about six months. Getting mentored is a very good idea, and this can be done through the American Herbalists Guild, or AHG.

How much you can earn as an herbalist varies greatly from one location to another. In most instances, you will not work for any other person or company, but will instead run your own practice. The amount that you earn annually will depend on the demand for your services in your area.

Herbalist Schools and Training Resources

Course Title: Wild Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants
Name of Company: Reevis Mountain School
Location: 7448 South J-B Ranch Road, Roosevelt, Arizona, United States
Description: This program is held at the Lost Dutchman State Park as well as at the school and other state parks from time to time. The program includes a plant study book.

Course Title: Various Herbal Classes and Courses
Name of Company: Pacific School of Herbal Medicine
Location: PO Box 3151, Oakland, California, United States
Description: This school offers a wide range of classes and courses that are related to herbalism and the use of plants, as well as other natural healing classes.

Course Title: Various Herbalism Courses
Name of Company: The Northwest School for Botanical Studies
Location: PO Box 4543, Arcata, California, United States
Description: This school offers weekend herbalism courses, professional herbalist training programs, clinical herbalist training programs, and farm to pharmacy herbalism.

Course Title: Various Herbalism Courses
Name of Company: Clayton College of Natural Health
Location: 2140 11th Avenue South, Suite 305, Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Description: This school offers Family Herbalist, Consulting Herbalist, and Master Herbalist programs. Ideally, the student will start with the Family Herbalist course, which is Level 1, and proceed through the Master Herbalist course, which is level 3.

Course Title: Master of Science in Herbal Medicine
Name of Company: Tai Sophia
Location: 7750 Montpelier Road, Laurel, Maryland, United States
Description: This is the first Master of Science in Herbal Medicine degree available in the United States.

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