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High Blood Pressure Causes & Alternative Treatments


High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common condition that can strike many adults. This is a condition that is sometimes brought on by hereditary conditions, but it is often lifestyle choices that can raise the risk of a person developing high blood pressure. Some of the risk factors include diet, weight, and stress levels.

Who Can Get High Blood Pressure?

There are many different groups of people that can get high blood pressure. Those who are more likely to see a rise in blood pressure will be those who are not on a proper diet and exercise program. Stress is also a factor, and this can lead to high blood pressure as an earlier age. Those who have extremely stressful professions should watch their blood pressure.


There is no one particular cause for high blood pressure, so many doctors cannot predict who will get it or when, but there are risk factors that will contribute to the condition. These factors include smoking, extra salt in the diet, overweight, old age, genetics, thyroid disorders, a lack of physical activity, and excessive alcohol consumption.

There are no symptoms that are associated with high blood pressure. This makes the condition very dangerous if it is not caught and treated in a timely manner. The only way to stay on top of the risks is to get regular checkups from a doctor.

If you do experience a severe headache, difficulty breathing, confusion, chest pain, or fatigue, you will need to seek medical treatment immediately because this could be a sign of a high blood pressure crisis.

Alternative Treatments

Treatments for high blood pressure include a home monitoring system that allows a person to check their blood pressure whenever they want to. A good diet and exercise will also keep the condition in control.

Losing weight is the first step in controlling high blood pressure in a person that is overweight and lacking physical activity. Those with high blood pressure should also look at their sleeping habits and make sure that a deep sleep is being had each night. This will help to relax a person.

A good diet is also key to lowering blood pressure. More fruits and vegetables are important for a person looking to lower their blood pressure because these foods are high in Flavoniods. Chocolate (dark, not milk) and garlic also contain this important compounds.

Medical treatment is necessary when a person’s blood pressure reaches the pre-hypertension stage of 140/90 or above. This will be a consistently high pressure when closely monitored.

The most common treatments for high blood pressure are diuretics, ACE-inhibitors, and beta blockers. It can also be better controlled with exercise and diet. Getting rid of smoking and drinking habits will also help.


  1. Yung

    When eating the garlic succeedingly, the research result of being helpful for preventing arteriosclerosis came out. At the research result, the person who took in the powder of garlic by one-day dose 900mg for four years against 280 persons with the factor of arteriosclerosis, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, were found quantity of precipitation in blood like a calcium compound decreased 2.6% during the investigation.

    When the garlic also prevented formation of “the bad cholesterol (LDL)” and prevented cholesterol inducing heart failure. The senior author of this study insisted that especially eating a garlic in the evening since it works flourishing at the evening or night is effective.

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