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4 Holistic Lifestyles In Ayurveda


Proper holistic health depends upon four types of lifestyle…

Ayurveda or any other holistic medicine should rest upon this consideration. The beauty of these lifestyle is that they cover both wellbeing and disease,  prevention and cure. These are as broad enough to encompass all the activities of our lives and specific enough to guide about  the single trivial event in our lives. We will see both the classical version and the modern applied application in life.

‘Beneficial, non-beneficial, happy and unhappy are four kinds of living in human being. Knowing whatever is good or bad for the living being is holistic health and holistic medicine.’ (Charaka Samhita – Sutra: Ch.1:41)

What Does The Lifestyle Or Living Imply In The Above Statement About Holistic Health?

The meaning of lifestyle is different here. It covers our life from birth to death, from when we rise in the morning to sleep and our sleep as well. This doesn’t leave any lacuna that in untouched by this definition. This is comprehensive as well as specific in relation to holistic health.

What Are These Four Lifestyles – The Do’s And Don’ts, The Moral Police, The Attitude Or Something Else? 

These holistic lifestyles are the paradigms of our life. These are the four ways in which we can see and find ourselves living. Whatever change we might consider to have in our life is under the panorama of these holistic lifestyles. It can be –  making mind not to follow the path of crime and murder for a murderer, doing exercise for an already healthy man, quitting smoking for the smoker, having control over the diet for the diabetic, adopting meditation in life, visiting the church regularly. This list can be endless and we find everything is covered specifically.

Please give a few minutes to use your imagination for the wildest and for the most sober one condition and you will find that this principle of holistic health guides you touchingly. Nothing moral, simply a guiding compass that you can choose to use or not in your life for achieving a holistic state of health and wellness.

1. Beneficial Or Important Or Righteous Paradigm:

With this mindset we see what is important, beneficial and righteous in my life.

2. Non-Beneficial, Unimportant Or Non-Righteous Paradigm:

With this mindset we decipher about the activities and living that is not needed or important and is not beneficial for us.

3. Sense Pleasures Centered & Happiness Chasing Paradigm:

Here we follow whatever pleases our senses. This could be beneficial or harmful. But we center our lives around pleasures. Smoking, being addicted, not to care about health and exercise, overeating, eating fast food like simple items to the compulsive impulse in the rapist are all included.

4. Lack of Sense Pleasures, Sorrowful or Unhappy Paradigm:

Here we lead our lives concentrating on lack of pleasures, unhappiness and sorrow in our lives.

Are These Holistic Health Lifestyle Exclusive For Each Other? 

No, every one of us have them all – sometime we emphasize one and the other time another. If we put down on paper all the activities or happenings or directions we lead or live our life, we will find them all. Definitely the one will be dominating in our life.

Can We Find The Holistic Lifestyles As Mixed Up?

1. Beneficial & Sorrowful Paradigms:

When we are doing the beneficial activities half heartedly and don’t get pleasures in doing them. This occurs most commonly when we are not enough inspired and motivated to adopt some good habit – like getting up early, quitting smoking and alcohol, begining to exercise, a child starting study instead of playing with friends…

2. Beneficial & Happy Paradigms:

When we are sufficiently inspired or motivated or in the habit of following the beneficial activities, we find ourselves happy with beneficial activities. Go into the park and see many of the persons who go for a morning walk daily or ask any one enjoying his job, children toiling hard for a project or for the examination, mothers working hard in the kitchen to provide nutritious nourishment to the family…

3. Non-Beneficial & Happy Paradigms:

Many of the chronic addicted persons, persons seeking pleasures in doing harm, terrorists, overeating, not taking the balanced meal and falling prey to the taste of the tongue are some examples…

4. Non-Beneficial & Sorrowful Paradigms:

This is common in persons who begin to have the effects of their unbalanced life. Smoking causing lung cancer, getting diabetes or hypertension or heart attack or stroke, failing in the examination and…

Finding The Ideal Way Of Balance & Synergy:

 I summarize the balance and synergy of the four lifestyle.

  1. Do the beneficial things in the pleasant way to avoid stress or lack of interest. It is the best option.
  2. Avoid doing the unpleasant attitude while doing beneficial activities, learn to enjoy them, make a habit and turn them into pleasant activities.
  3. Avoid the pleasant and non-beneficial or unimportant activities.
  4. Try to complete avoid what is unpleasant and unimportant.

During final fifth year of my graduation in BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine), I bought Stephen R. Covey’s books – ‘The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People’ and ‘First Things First’. He has centered his entire teaching on this single verse of Ayurveda. You will find it echoing in the teaching of all great teachers and masters.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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