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Holistic Counselling


Holistic Counselling views the human being as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A holistic counsellor works to provide highly individualised services that take care to ensure that a treatment applied for the benefit of one aspect of a person’s well being does not diminish some other aspect of the person’s health.

In a person’s life, there may be times when they are in need of support from the people around them. A person who is in a time of trouble may seek the support of friends or family — sometimes this support is not enough. A holistic counsellor is trained in providing counselling that puts life problems into a holistic perspective.

The Sessions

A holistic counsellor will do the following: provide a safe environment for the discussion of personal problems; listen to what you tell them without judging you; show you an objective perspective, bringing to light any faulty reasoning that may be affecting you without your realising it; aid you in the development of helpful cognitive skills for dealing with life problems, respect you as an active participant in the counselling process.

Is Holistic Right for You?

As all people are different, successful holistic counselling will adjust to suit the client’s needs instead of forcing the client to follow prescribed patterns. The holistic counsellor’s goal is to create the most ideal counselling experience possible for the client.

The process of holistic counselling teaches people how to modify their ‘inner talk’, a process which is likened to a ‘rewiring’ of the brain. When the process is followed, people may find that they are able to unlock new potentials within their lives.

Negative emotional patterns and dysfunctional beliefs can be eliminated and replaced with life-affirming desires — this is a goal of Holistic Counselling. To put it another way, you will lean how to connect with your spirit and thus become a more complete, confident and self-dependent human being. This can lead to the development of creative gifts, increased prosperity and the experience of relationships that are more loving and dynamic.

Modalities of Counselling

Expressive Art Therapies
Expressive Art Therapy facilitates the expression of emotions that have been bottled up inside. By having a person visualise their inner feelings, it is possible for the holistic counsellor to tune into the issues that the client is dealing with. Expressive Arts Therapies are not necessarily limited to visual media, it can also include musical and movement therapies.

Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Therapy is mainly talk therapy. It involves an interactive dialogue between therapist and client. However the interactive between therapist and client is not purely verbal. The therapist will observe the client closely to assess his or her emotional state and how this may be affecting them physically.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy, which is primarily something that works on people’s muscles, can be thought of as another modality of holistic consoling. It is important to understand that a person can hold on to serious emotional issues through tension within the body. A holistic counsellor may be able to address these stored emotional issues through massage therapy.


Holistic Counselling is patient centred, meaning that it adapts to suit the needs of the patient. The importance of holistic treatment is that it incorporates a number of modalities in order to treat the patient as effectively as possible. In truth, there is no limit to the number of modalities that may be incorporated into holistic treatment if the results are determined to be beneficial to the patient.

Holistic Counselling is generally non-invasive. It rejects many of the invasive elements of western medicine. At the same time, holistic medicine is evidence based. A good holistic counsellor will rely upon hard evidence in determining how best to treat patients.

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