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Holistic Healing & The Holy Trinity


The Holy Trinity is the most foundational concept of holistic healing and health. Explore the ECB –  triune principle of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss to understand the integral well being of body, mind and spirit. This is so simple, direct and effective.

The Three Great Principles Of Holistic Health:

When we observe all the nature from stones, mountains and rivers to vegetables, plants to animals to human being. We find something common in all. It is the principle of Existence. All these materials whether living or dead are existing. Existence or presence is the first of the three and the gross one. The entire Science is chasing to find the elements and their qualities and interactions and to use them to serve their ego and to increase the comforts and this can be used and is being used to serve the community as well.

The second principle is Awareness or Knowledge. We can sense the quality of Physiological response ability even in unicellular organisms. The single celled organism like amoeba shows the signs and symptoms of life just like we do. There is gradual development on many levels and the complexity, evolution and maturity increases from plants to animals to human being. In man we can find the principle of Consciousness or awareness developed the most.

Every one of us are aware of our existence that is we possess the power to witness our awareness, as we  exist. This is the biggest factor separating us from rest of the living world – both plants and animals. This is the state of Self-Consciousness.

The principle of awareness reached to its fullest in human being. The journey is not over yet. All of us are engaged in so many activities right from the childhood to death. Our desires and aspirations never end. What is the sole purpose or motive of all that we are doing? Give some time to ponder over this. Isn’t it the happiness, pleasure and bliss?  The motive of every desire and action is to seek happiness.

So we are busy serving this purpose by all means – new research, new comforts, new powers, new clothes, higher salaries, new businesses, great food, fashion labels, getting educated, getting married, having children – yes, all of them.

In Yogic knowledge, we find the third principle of Bliss Consciousness or The awareness of Supreme happiness and joy. This joy is the inherent nature of all that exist and all that has awareness. Yet to feel the third principle, we have to take the inner path of realization. Then alone we can find the fulfillment. We don’t have to go anywhere, we have to find it within ourselves. There are many paths suitable to the present needs of diverse people.

No path is right or wrong. That serves just some purpose and within that limit that has its own value. However, the yogis and the realized souls have taken it to the parallel of Modern Science. Anyone can tread the path and verify and validate these principles within and without.

It is these realized souls that found the holistic principles of health and life inherently present in nature. They followed the principles themselves and advised  others in the form of Yoga and Ayurveda. Anyone from any place, religion or other background can endeavor to understand and live these principles. These principles are applicable to all the systems of therapies and medicine – be it herbs, herbal medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, dietetics, reiki, pranic healing, mind healing, sound healing, magneto therapy, physiotherapy, ayurveda, Chinese systems of acupressure and acupuncture or modern conventional medicine or allopathy.

Ayurveda uses these principles as its foundation and these deserves to be the foundation of Holistic Health. If you remove these principles from Ayurveda, it would lose all the power, glory  and universality as a science and art of life, health and disease as a legacy of Holistic Health.

The Three ECB Principles As Nature, Individual And God & As Foundational To Holistic Health:

The above three principles of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss are the respective properties of Nature, Soul (Individualized Pure Consciousness – The essence of all of us) and God.

Nature has the attribute of mere existence, it doesn’t know that it is existing. You can take the example of stones and river or a lake or a mountain.

Whenever there is life – either a single celled or a human being, there is some definite awareness or consciousness. In man, this attribute of soul is fully developed.

Our own pure consciousness in association with God’s Consciousness is a treasure trove of Bliss and Joy that we all are seeking.

So, nature has merely existence, our souls have existence and its awareness and God has the existence, awareness and great Joy as the inherent properties.

The Universal Concept Of Holy Trinity In Medicine

Existence, Awareness and Joy As The Foundational Holy Trinity Of Holistic Health & Holistic Medicine

Jesus Christ has also mentioned the presence of the three great attributes – in the form of The Holy Trinity in The Holy Bible – Father, The Holy Ghost And His Child.

The Three Dimension Of The World:

There are three dimensions of our body – the physical, the astral or subtle or energy made and the causal or ideational body. The physical one is tangible.

In the same manner, the world has three dimensions – the physical, astral and the causal.

The physical one is the most gross, the subtle one  is the medium and the causal one is the most subtle. The physical dimension depends on the astral and causal. Whenever there is physical component, the rest two should have to be there. There is no existence of the physical dimension alone. The astral one is depends on the causal one. Whenever there is astral body, there may be or may not be a physical one but the causal one should always be there. The causal body depends on the consciousness or soul. Without soul, there is no existence of any of the three bodies. The causal body can remain alone or with the subtle body or with subtle and physical one.

How often we find ourselves preoccupied with body or chemicals alone while desiring holistic health. The serves the Consciousness and our little consciousness is chasing after The Great Christ Consciousness. How often we forget this nature and concentrate our efforts even forgetting that we exist, and we have a great treasure of powers and symphony if we ever turn inside to heal holistically.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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