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Holistic Health Questions, Answered! (FAQ)


Welcome to Holistic Health – OK, this may seem a lot theoretical. Further it could not be so easily verified and you may be having a lot of doubts and cynicism in this regard. So we take a plunge in FAQ for this topic. This may enlarge as we share our thoughts with each other. You are welcome to raise any question or doubt and we would try to answer in our own capacity.

Doesn’t Holistic Health seem Somewhat Mystical?

Yes, it is definitely mystical in appearance. Because it might be the our general  tendency  including modern scientists to easily discard or ignore just it all by labeling this realm mystical. But all of the forces had been mystical before being explored like gravitational force, electricity, electro-magnetic forces, small microbes causing diseases. The list can be very long. But as we discovered out those realities and gradually adopted them in our lives, sometimes over generations, they all have become now a part of our life.

Are We Having All These Stuff – The Three Bodies And These Related Things? Are We Functioning Through Then?

We are not merely having these stuff but we are actually living through and with them during all the moments of our lives. The direct and indirect evidence of man’s three bodies is expressed in many ways through his threefold nature. In the wakeful state, we are conscious more or less of our three vehicles. When we are sensuously intent on tasting, touching, smelling, listening or seeing, we are working principally through our physical body.

Visualizing or willing, we are mainly working through our astral body. Our causal body finds expression when we are thinking or diving deep in introspection or meditation. The thoughts of the genius come to those of us who habitually contact his causal body or exercise more of its nature. In this sense an individual can be broadly classified as ‘a material man’, ‘a energetic man’ or ‘an intellectual man’ depending on the dominant use of the any one. Still almost all of us are primarily expressing physical nature.

Usually we identify ourselves most of the time with the physical body. During dreams in sleep, we remain in our astral body, effortlessly creating any objects we desire. During dreamless sound sleep, we transfer our consciousness or ego to the causal body.

The astral and causal body is active when even when the physical body goes to rest during sleep. Likewise the causal body remains active even when the two other bodies goes to rest in dreamless deep sleep. That is why we don’t feel something like loss of consciousness during or after sleep. After sleep we find the continuity of awareness as if we had gone to deep rest.

How We Can We Directly View And See Our Bodies?

The best and direct option is to go into deep meditation and the practitioner can go into the breathless state of trance, he will not merely see all this, he would be able to work through these instruments and could directly realize the immense power of the subtler realm just like we do with the physical nature.

Further some evidence can be found in the metaphysical powers like Clairvoyance, during hypnosis, Subconscious power, during prayers, Reiki, pranic healing, mental healing, during inspirations as of the scientist discovering Benzene ring formula. These and many more modalities could offer definite and convincing evidence.

Next is the near death experiences of people, especially of those who have returned back to life several minutes or hours after they had been declared dead medically. The great similarity of the experiences of these cases render further evidence.

The true incidences of past life memories are also a dependable factor.

Are These Bodies A Extensions Of Our Physical Bodies?

Not exactly this. Our physical body is the extension of these bodies. The physical body can’t remain without the other two bodies. The astral body can’t remain without the causal body. The deeper body is the base and root of the grosser one. This is the fundamental principle of holistic health.

The Science Has Advanced So Far As To Find The Subatomic Particles Like Electron, Proton, And Neutron. It Is Knowing A Lot About Photons. Where Are We Lacking In This Field That We Are Not Able To Trace The Concept Of Subtle Body In Science?

The story given below is so motivating and inspiring to me that I want to refer it whenever we try to understand or mention the holistic health. Besides it has come from one of the most genuine authority.

We welcome all sorts of questions and queries and doubts about holistic practices and health. They can be a wonderful source for all of us to explore our health .

This story from the life of Shri Shri Lahiri Mahasaya, the great master of Kriya Yoga Lineage clears the point, and the two path exactly. More information about Lahiri Mahasaya can be available by reading “Autobiography Of A Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda and Self Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, USA. There had been many disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya. One person, Mr. Paresha Nath,  a renowned Ayurvedist of his time, was there in a meeting, showing his popularity and fame and great knowledge. Lahiri Mahasaya was also present and scolded the Ayurvedist about some wrong interpretation of the texts of holistic health. In a private meeting with the ‘doc’ and some other close disciples, the great master taught the enthusiastic herbalist about the deep secrets of holistic health. “The principles of Ayurveda and Yoga and the holistic health can’t be felt just by reading and outer means. When one does follow the inner path and advances, the subtle principles of  the holistic nature of our body and this world is realized by the practitioner of yoga. By realizing these elements in the inner path, one not only knows them but has spontaneous control of these elements.” Only in the way advised by the master, we can verify, validate and experience and realize ourselves and help others in exploring and living the holistic life. After some time, this Ayurvedist became a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya and exalted in the practice of Kriya Yoga to the extent that sometimes Lahiri Mahasaya scolded him not to practice too much and seek the balance of the outer and inner world.
As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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