Saturday, September 19, 2020

4 Holistic Health & Wellness Pillars


Everyone wants to live a life of good health and well being. But we have never pondered why health is so important…

Usually we become aware of the state of well being when we have some ache or disease or pain. Otherwise we take it granted.  We can see that a terminally ill patient even after knowing that he has only some days to live, harbors the desire to live. Nobody desires to die.

So come and relate to the proactive nature within us. Find the four human endowments and how we can use them in four aspirations of all human being. Find the balanced use of these four aspirations to lead a holistic life.

The Proactive And Non-Proactive Nature:

Man is classified as the proactive being in Vedas and all the other species are put under the non-proactive species.

The Non-proactive nature is there because all the other species are living just to reap the effects of their past lives. They are not given the free choice of thoughts, will and action as are given to man. Whatever the activities or learned habits we observe in animals are either due to their instincts or as a result of mechanical learning or reflex.

That is why human form is considered auspicious because it has the potential to rise above and evolve his consciousness to the fullest level. Taking human form is the privilege of the soul. Human being has the central endowments like Self-awareness, Conscience, Independent will and Creative imagination. We have these special gifts and the power to execute them.

With those endowments we can break the conditioning of all kinds and act out of free choice. These endowments are recognized and used by all the motivational leaders and speakers. They have been used and described appropriately in Modern time by Stephen R. Covey – the author of  ‘The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People’.

The Four Dimensions In Which We Can Exercise Four Endowment Of Our Proactive Nature:

If we classify all the activities, we find that we have four kinds of aspirations. In the direction of these aspirations we channelize our physical, mental, social, moral and spiritual activities. These are as follows:

  1. Dharma: It denotes the religious and moral activities. All the rituals of all the religious faiths are covered in it. Besides this term also denotes the principles of universal importance like the values. Actually in the beginning all the major religions preached and suggested the followers to adhere to these principles and later on many of the rituals are added to these practices. Many of the rituals are just symbolic that turn our mind to the underlying principles. In addition to the above definitions, this term is also used for the natural  qualities inherent in all substances – living or non living as water has fluidity, fire can burn likewise.
  2. Artha: Pleasures In achieving monetary pursuits and the ‘position’ or status in Society: Right from the prehistoric times to the present one, from the barbaric  kabila tradition to the democratic nations, from the large corporate to the single person the  pursuits for money, place and position have been prime yearning.
  3. Kama: Fulfilling the desires of the ten sense organs and mind: The third pursuit is for the pleasing sensations to five of our cognitive senses – sounds, touch, vision, tastes, smell – ear, skin, eyes, tongue and nose. If we analyze all of activities, we will find how much we care for sensory perceptions and how much we are attached to them. And we love to do with our five executive  senses – hands, legs, tongue, anus and penis – to capture and for manual skills, to walk and move here and there, to talk, to excrete and to enjoy sex. How much joy and satisfaction we have when we are able to fulfill our desires and how much blocked, frustrated and depressed and angry we become when we are not able to fulfill our desires.
  4. Sublimation, Enlightenment, Freedom, Dissolution in God, Spiritual Life: The names that we can give this kind of pursuit can be many. But this level of pursuit has been found in every tradition, every land and every civilization. At some stage of life or in some persons this can be so intense they don’t care for any of the above pursuits and discipline their lives to attain this goal of emancipation. We have the example of Prince Siddhartha who left even  the entire kingdom for being transformed into The Buddha. We know about Jesus who chose to be crucified to show the path of enlightenment and became The Christ. Many many other examples abound.

The Balancing Of These Four Pursuits For Holistic Health:

Someone said it in a better way as ‘Let the bird of human being fly toward the goal of emancipation with the two wings of Dharma and Artha while enjoying Kama.’ We should lead our lives enjoying the sense pleasures in a way that is governed by righteous and moral principles and is balanced by economic pursuits and it should be able to lead our lives to the ultimate freedom. This is so fantastic that nothing is left to add.

Holistic Health Is The Foundation To Effectively Pursue These Four Aspiration Of Life:

Yes, We need health in our lives because having good health is the foundation for achieving and following any or all of the four aspirations.

That is why I like to conclude this article with another quote from Charaka Samhita.

‘Give priority to the health of your body above every other activities because every other activity in life depends upon your health.’

Please give some serious thoughts to the above material and you will find it to be echoing in yourself. Everything is simply self-evident. Explore holistic health, live life holistically, enjoy your holistic nature.

As a native Indian and an Ayurvedic holistic healer, Arjun writes in the lane of herbal healing and home remedies. Certification: BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery With Modern Medicine).

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