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Beauty Secrets From Hollywood


All of us find ourselves envying Hollywood stars, at one time or another, for their beautiful skin and flawless bodies. It is easy to do when they have to more resources to afford trainers and makeup artists. The perfect skin, flushing eyebrows or frizz-free hair of celebrities is much closer than you think, however; these celebrities use the same products we do. You will be amazed to find out who is using which product, and perhaps this will boost your motivation to buy it.

Actress Lucy Hale, for instance, uses Neutrogena’s face wash and lotion. Most dermatologists recommend Neutrogena because it is so gentle on the skin. Neutrogena softens the skin, washing away the dirt and oil. Its cleansers are not intended to clog your pores, which often attract dirt when your face is not washed regularly. Most people know Neutrogena for their sunscreen. Their brand is different then others; it has been tested using Hellaplex technology, which means it tests for how your skin will be affected by UV rays. In addition, they have body lotion products which leave your skin feeling smooth while the lotion absorbs quickly within it.

Oddly, Preparation H may not be not be your first go-to product for beauty. After all, it is used for hemroids. Sandra Bullock and other celebrities swear that it tightens lines around your eyes, however. Also, it may prevent your eyes from looking so puffy, which would be awesome. Only a pea-size of the cream is necessary to remove the lines. Apply the cream on the “bags” of the eye, in a soft tapping motion, starting from the outside while moving inward towards the nose and back out again. A great anti-aging secret is going to keep you young for years.

Actress Teri Hatcher, most commonly known for her role on Desperate Housewives, has to been known to add red wine to her bath water. Red wine is known for having antioxidants that are not only good for the heart, but also for the skin. When used in your bath water, red wine has the ability to slow down the aging process. It rejuvenates your skin to prevent wrinkles. Try only putting one or two glasses in your tub; this should not leave stains. Also, use caution. If you have any open wounds, this is not a good beauty tip to try until those wounds are healed. The wine may irritate the wounds, causing you further pain.

In addition, actress Lucy Liu swears by using Aquaphor to keep your skin looking its best. Aquaphor is one of the best skin creams on the market. Its main use is to prevent scars that occur from falls, scraps, burns and so on. Other uses for this product include healing calming red and inflamed skin or soothing dry skin. Aquaphor’s natural ingredient, Chamomile, will soothe your skin and minimize the irritation. Other uses include using Aquaphor for smooth lips or preventing fine lines. You can apply this ointment to your lips and exfoliate it with your toothbrush in a circular motion. It will remove any dry or flakey skin. Also, Aquaphor helps prevents wrinkles and moisturizes your face to keep you looking young.

In order to get that stylish hair, take a beauty tip from Jennifer Lawrence. Her hair stylist sprays her bobby pins with Dove dry shampoo instead of hair spray. This simple change helps firm your hair and keep it in place. The dry shampoo gives the hairpins friction, which prevents them from moving. Other uses for dry shampoo include keeping your curls from clumping together, boosting volume in your hair, keeping your hair from sticking to your forehead and concealing your dark roots if you are blonde. Alternate dry shampoo with washing your hair and it is sure to make your hair shine!

On a different note, go grab a cold beer from the fridge—because I think most of you will enjoy this next tip. Celebrity Catherine Zeta-Jones washes her hair with beer to make it soft and shiny. After you wash your hair, towel dry it and cover it in plastic wrap. Wash your hair with the beer, covering all the strands. After five minutes, rinse your hair. This is a great cleanser for your hair. It gets all the oil and dirt out, making it shine brighter than ever before.

Furthermore, milk may not seem like a beauty secret, but it must be a great tip if Cindy Crawford is using it. She claims her youthful looks come from putting milk on her face. Milk does contain an exfoliant that buffs away dry skin. Also, it can help reduce wrinkles and promote anti-aging. Milk and honey often make a fantastic nighttime treatment. This is because honey is a moisturizer. All that you need to do is this: combine 1 tablespoon of honey and ½ tablespoon of whole milk in a bowl. They combine a paste, which you will put on your face. Then, rinse your face with a warm cloth. This treatment is great for those with sensitive skin.

Finally, Halle Berry combines coffee grounds with her body wash. This is not actually a bad idea. When you consider the effects of coffee on the skin, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. For instance, coffee protects the skin against skin cancer; it tightens pores and helps the skin look younger. There are many products for the face and hair that contain coffee, not only in fancy spas but also in regular grocery stores. On another note, the body wash that you choose could help soften your skin. It could remove the oil and dirt, which is going to make your skin look much healthier.

So let us all take a tip from Hollywood. It is a myth that most celebrities spend thousands of dollars on beauty treatments. Most of the celebrities use the same products that are sitting on our bathroom shelf. I think this relates them more to us. It also tells us that we do not have spend thousands of dollars to get their beautiful looks. Beauty is what your idea of it is, and that should make you happy. Let us try these beauty tips and see how they measure up!


  1. Tabitha

    I was told that Neutrogena products are very good to
    use. If Preparation H is used to get rid of the “bags” under the eyes, does this mean that these bags will be removed permanently? Wow! I had no idea that using red wine in bath water helps to slow down the aging process!
    Wow! This information is great! Do you do this at home? Furthermore, I have heard of Aquaphor before. I also heard that using beer is great for the hair, too. Wow! I must say! These are wonderful beauty tips!
    I will definitely make sure that my mother uses some of this stuff on my grandmother. If the results are fab, I know that my mother will definitely try these techniques on herself!

  2. Sasha

    Fun Beauty tips! I’ve heard about the alternate uses for Preparation H but have been a little afraid to try it. It makes sense though. As for buying something because a celebrity looks beautiful, that’s not really a selling point for me. I think some of these women would look beautiful with a bag over their head, but I’m always open to new ideas. I like the dry shampoo idea too, and am glad Lisa mentioned a specific brand. I’ll try it.

  3. Sarah

    This seems like some great advice. I’m really looking forward to trying some of them out.

  4. Heather

    What a cool post! This is so interesting! I want to try putting red wine into my bath the next time I take one.

  5. Roberta

    My secret is plenty of sleep and water. So simple and easy to do. I can tell I’m due a holiday to relax as my skin keeps breaking out. Great tips

  6. Amy

    The coffee body scrub is one of my favorite things but after I have done it I usually smell a bit like coffee. The milk and honey sounds easy enough. I might try this one. These are all great ideas that you can do at home with next to no money. In fact most of these ingredients most people would already have at home. The wine in the bathtub is a funny one and I imagine you would come out smelling like the wine.

  7. Sandie

    I love these tips! Firstly, because I’m nosy and love to know what other people are getting up to, especially celebs. I actually use the Neutrogena products – I use the pink grapefruit scrub and wash which I alternate in the evenings as I have sensitive skin. I also use the blackhead clearing scrub they have in the morning. Their products are great – plus I love Lucy Hale – how cute is she?! I’m a bit scared to try some of the things mentioned here but I do like that they come from natural products which has to be good for you.

  8. Lisa

    I swear by the Dove dry shampoo; I have curly hair and keeping it wavy and polished is a titanic task. I wash it two times a week just because it looks ubercrazy when it’s clean. This shampoo adds enough stiffness so the curls hold up perfectly and it doesn’t add that ugly texture hairsprays tend to.

    The beer tips is great also; just wash your hair like you regularly do and then rinse with beer, your hair will look totally different after this. The beer smell will wear off after a couple of hours, sooner if you use styling products.

  9. Laura

    I definitely need to bookmark this page! I’m in awe of these everyday products and the things that I had no idea they could do. I think I need to try one of these very soon – what better excuse to bring a bottle of wine with me next time I take a bath than to say it’s for health reasons? Some of it will go in the water, some will go in my glass!

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