Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Cleanse vs Detox: Go to a Detox Retreat or Cleanse at Home?


Cleansing is not about doing a “3 day” or a “7 day” detox program, losing weight and then forgetting about your health altogether!

That’s the problem I have with detox retreats.

Cleansing is a lifestyle. It’s not about struggling and straining to lose as much weight as you can in one week…

…It’s about living life to the fullest. every. single. day.

That’s what I love about The 30 Day Challenge because it’s about exactly that.

Before investing heavily in your health in the form of a detox retreat holiday, I suggest you consider experimenting and preparing yourself from home first.

Better than booking a weight loss retreat or detox center right away, is to browse online on cleanses you can make from home. Maybe try The Cleanse Shop and see what you can find there.

A home detox is what I would consider to be a true “Cleanse”. And in fact as you will see I like to live what I call a “cleansing lifestyle” which is how you can lose weight and also stay in shape everyday.

I mean what’s the point in losing weight on a detox program only to put it all back on again a week later?

Far better to learn how to live a healthy cleansing lifestyle, rather than using dramatic weight loss methods only for your weight to snap-back leaving your worse off than before.

But first, why would you consider going on a Detox Retreat vacation? What are the benefits? I mean, after all, people aren’t paying upwards of $2,000 for nothing, or are they?

Detox resorts are setup as a community where together guests can detox and cleanse while also meeting each other and starting friendships

Having spent over ten years of my life running detox retreat centers I know A LOT about them. And while they are fantastic for meeting new people and also getting access to certain facilities, for example colonic irrigation hydrotherapy needs special rooms…

I still think that for most people, they are far better off simply detoxing from home. Especially if you have never done a detox before.

Better to try at home first and see how it feels for you. Before investing on going on a retreat and finding that it is not right for you at all.

Cleansing At Home

It is about continually keeping your mind and body free of things that could harm it. Whether that’s pesticides in the food you eat, chemicals in the water you drink, or pollution in the air that you breath.

When we live a detox lifestyle then weight loss is a continual process and actually simply takes care of itself.

You see the problem I have with doing 3 day or 7 day or even long 21 day detox programs. Is that then when you come off the cleanse you begin to put the weight back on again.

What’s more weight loss is only part of the picture.

For good health, looking and feeling your best all year round, I recommend that you follow the advice on this site about a healthy lifestyle.

It’s what I call the “Cleansing Lifestyle” and it is about living everyday eating well, but clean. Exercising even just walking and getting outside!

And keeping the things that you do everything as clean and cleansing as possible.

Things like water need to be clean, maybe think about incorporating some alkaline water into your diet? Or at very least begin to drink infused detox water drinks, they’re great! Easy to make, taste good and keep your body cleansed and clear.

With the food that you eat, you don’t have to go full vegan! There I said it. The idea of going full vegan is not a good one in my opinion.

At least research your options on vegetarianism and veganism first before suddenly making the full switch. And definitely make sure you get your B12 and omega-3 fatty acids!

Personally I will always eat fish and some other meats and believe me, that’s OK. It’s good even!

With air. Well you need to be in a place where there is a fresh supply. Now I know that is just not possible for everyone so if you do live in a big city like New York or London, then you may want to start using a pollution mask to shield you from inhaling toxic auto pollution.

Then make sure you get out there! Get some sunshine, it’s SOOO good for you!

Get out into the world, walk around, take in the beauty that surrounds you, have gratitude and exercise your body!

Oh yes, and one more thing… have a glass of wine! Red wine is actually linked to long term good heart health. It’s always worked for me!

The other option for those who would like to detox at a retreat, you can try a weight loss and detox retreat which is available at certain dates in the year.


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  2. Viola

    i absolutely agree with you here Pat. Too often is detox and cleanse used to mean a short term way to lose weight and that’s a bad idea. It’s the wrong mentallity and not the way to actually lose weight long term. Cleansing can become a lifestyle, and a great one at that!

  3. Rachel

    I am starting on a detox plan to lose weight and am deciding to do it all from home. Maybe one day I will go to a weight loss or detox retreat but for now I think I will make do by doing the cleanse at home. I have read a lot on this site and am starting my 30 day challenge to lose weight and detoxify my body. From there I am also going to continue on the cleanse with exercise and fitness classes, some Yoga, pilates, hiit, and also healthy eating.

    2019 is my year to lose my weight, no more belly fat!, I am determined to be slim.


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