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I’m on day 14 of my juice cleanse and my body has been feeling really, really good for the last few days!

There was definitely a time on this detox plan that my body slowed down and I had to rest for longer than normal. Yet from my experience doing detoxes and helping so many of my clients detox on my retreats, this slow down is actually very healthy for the body.

It’s almost as if we’re always rushing some where. We need to go here, we need to go there, and sometimes we just need to stop. Slow down and get that good rest.

When I’m juice cleansing I also do incorporate some raw food. I don’t believe that long fasting without eating is the best way to detox, although it does still have it’s place.

What I have found however is the best way to cleanse is often a middle-way path which is neither too extreme, or too easy.

This is what I’ve discovered (or re-remembered) on this latest Juice Cleanse:

Detoxing is About Long Term Goals

Often when guests on my detox retreats are cleansing we talk and discuss their progress and also their health and wellness goals.

Many people choose to view detox as a short term approach for losing weight and it can absolutely work for this. Almost every time a client completes a 7 day cleanse or even short 3 day detox programs, they lose weight and have a slimmer waist to show for it.

However detoxing fits into a long term lifestyle plan to keep you young, healthy and vibrant. Weight loss is somewhat or a by-product of keeping your body in good health..

While there is nothing wrong with having a short term goal of detoxing for weight loss, it should fit into your health and wellness plan. A plan that keeps you slim, healthy and healed allowing your body to stay young, limber and healthy.

What Goes up Must come Down, And What Goes Down, Comes Up!

That’s my way of saying that even if on day 3, day 4 or even up to day 6 and 7 sometimes, your body feels tired, even weak. That’s OK.

It is due to a number of things. One of those things is to do with the fact that your body is consuming less calories than it is burning off and so is actively burning fat stores for energy. Which is why you lose weight.

Yet it can also be to do with coming off sugars, carbohydrates and caffeine and alcohol that can likewise have that effect.

Usually when your body on detox is telling you to slow down, you should just do exactly that. Allow your body to rest and recover, get caffeine and alcohol out of your system.

Recover from tiredness and stress at work. Allow your mind to catch a break and don’t worry, — because what goes down will come up again!

Usually by day 7 of the cleanse at the very latest I am beginning to feel light, clear and more often than not really positive and inspired for life.

This inspiration and motivation spills over to almost everything I do and often I will even take time out to explore my creative side. Writing, painting or even just going for a walk in nature and allowing my mind to be at one with it.

Breaking The Fast and Returning to Everyday Detox Plan

As many of you know I follow an everyday detox plan which means that I eat a detoxifying diet on a daily basis. I cut out foods that don’t detox or worse are bad for my body, and focus on foods that naturally detoxify.

I am just breaking my fast today and getting back on more whole food. I have been eating raw food on this cleanse program yet the first 10 days were a full juice cleanse and it was quite an intensive detox on this occasion.

Breaking fast means slowing moving your body back into the mode of eating more whole food, and moving off the liquid diet.

It should be approached slowly and make a meaningful change in your life. Coming out of a detox program should leave you feeling uplifted and with a new renewed purpose in your life.

Here’s How to Break Your Fast After Juice Cleansing

First 2-3 days:

Start by eating far more alkaline forming foods. These are foods which will neutralize the acidity in your stomach and include things like steamed vegetables and lots of fruit. You can also go onto more substantial green smoothies at this point, even add a little coconut oil for more calories.

You may also want to add some psyllium husk, hemp and flaxseed seed into your diet because these are fiber allowing your body to properly get back into regular bowel movements.

The psyllium husk itself will not be metabolized by the body and instead will pass through your digestive system soaking up all the residue that may be remaining there.

It is a deep cleanse to end your fast. Bentonite clay can also be added however this would need to be done alongside a colon cleanse of some kind. Whether that’s with a home enema kit or with colonic irrigation like we do at our detox retreats.

  • Fiber (psyllium husk, hemp flaxseed)
  • Vegetables (steamed, broths, raw food)
  • Fruits and whole fruit juices (green smoothie)
  • Herbal teas (without honey or sugar, stevia is fine)
  • Healthy oils (olive, coconut oil)
  • Drink lots of water!

Next 3-4 days:

On around day 4 of coming off your cleanse you need to be eating more normal food. I suggest that you add meat back into your diet at this point if you eat meat.

I personally do eat meat and I find that without eating meat I am not as healthy. While I have gone full vegan before I really think that for most of us, the way we have evolved for thousands of years has been on an animal based diet and I think there is often more trouble by cutting out meat rather than adding lean healthy meat to your diet.

If you don’t eat meat then adding vegan foods like Tofu can be a good idea at this stage. Or if you are vegetarian then one of the best foods on the planet is to eat eggs.

Definitely eat eggs! They are a whole protein and have literally everything you need to recover from protein deficit you may have coming off your detox plan.

In my opinion after completing a cleanse program where your body may have been on quite a deficit in calories. It is important to actually shoot above your normal calories 4 or 5 days after the detox is finished. Get your body back into a place where it is full stable now that the cleansing has complete.

And add some exercise!

While of your detox you may have found that you could not exercise or workout as much as you normally can. That’s fine because the detox is for other parts of your body. It’s really for clearing your internal organs and ensuring your body is functioning correctly, burning off some excess weight and returning your body to full health.

While on the detox you may only be doing things like walking, some Yoga and perhaps Pilates. You should be using the sauna to sweat out as much as you can, yet intensive physical exercise is usually a big no no while detoxing.

So now that you are on higher calorie foods including meat, you can and certainly should return to the gym and complete a full body workout.

That’s how I know I have come through the entire detox experience. Because I am now back on 80% whole foods, still have my morning green smoothie of course! And I am back to working out at the gym doing compound exercises and giving my body a full workout.

When you are recovered from your work out then you have successfully completed your detox and your break-fast was also a success.

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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