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Causes of Hot Flashes in Women + Alternative Treatments to Try


Hot flashes are usually associated with menopause. There are times when a woman will just feel flushed and hot. There feels like there is not relief. But the hot flashes sometimes pass as quickly as they can come on. For women who have to deal with hot flashes, there are many different treatments that can work to reduce or get rid of hot flashes completely. Women in their pre-menopausal and menopausal stages will often get hot flashes.

Causes of Hot Flashes

The changes in the hormone levels in the body are the trigger for hot flashes. They usually come on at the beginning of menopause, and often disappear after a year or two. Eating well, exercising regularly, and avoiding drugs and alcohol will be the best way to manage hot flashes, but there are also other treatments available.

Hot flashes seem to come on all of a sudden. They may come with profuse sweating and irritability. What is most important during a hot flash is to try and get comfortable until it passes.

Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Vitamin E is a popular treatment for hot flashes. And if a woman wants to avoid taking anything for them, they can benefit from cooling products such as extra fans, lighter clothing to sleep in, and other products to make day or night with hot flashes more comfortable.

There are many choices that women have for alternative treatments to hot flashes. Many of these have been thoroughly studied and seem to work in a majority of the women who have tried it. The most common alternative treatments for hot flashes are phytoestrogens, black cohosh, and vitamin E.

Phytoestrogens are plant estrogen compounds. These can act similar to hormone replacement therapies, but are not as risky to a woman’s health. Some women studied did develop a higher incidence of endometrial hyperplasia, which is a precursor to cancer.

Black cohosh is an herbal mixture that has been very popular in Europe. Many doctors and experts condone short term used of this compound, but use of it more than six months has not be studied for safety.

Vitamin E is probably is the most widely available treatment for hot flashes. While doses greater than 400 IU are probably not safe, anything under that is perfectly safe for women to take when they want to treat hot flashes.

There is really no reason the medical treatment would be necessary for hot flashes, but many women look to ease this symptom of menopause by consulting their doctor and finding ways to reduce hot flashes.

Some women will opt for hormone replacement therapy as a way to threat their hot flashes, but this type of treatment is not for everyone. In many women, using hormone replacement therapy will give them a higher risk of developing certain cancers. It is a discussion that needs to be carefully weighed between a woman and her doctor.

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