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How Diabetes is Treated: Diet & Self-Treatment?


The type of diabetes, the severity of it, and how old you are determines the treatment methods for diabetes.

Pregnant women may develop gestational diabetes into their sixth or seventh month however; it may go away after the baby is born. You may not have to do anything to treat it but you may have to do some adjusting of your diet. The other type of diabetes, Type 1, is not curable and will require you to take insulin shots for the rest of your life.

Self-care is the key to the other types of treatments.

Drugs are another alternative to use besides insulin. There are many varieties that are used as treatments for diabetes patients.

Treatments for Diabetes

The ones that help the body to make insulin when they have Type 1 diabetes to help the body produce the insulin it needs are Sulfonylurea (such as Glucotrol and Micronase). Biguarides (such as Glucophage) are types that promote using insulin better. A couple that makes treating Type 2 diabetes easier because they sensitize the cells to insulin are Thiazolidinediones (Avandia).

There are other drugs as well that regulate the glucose levels. For instance, Meglitinides, also known as Prandin, work to regulate blood sugar levels after you eat. The digestive tract can use Alpha-glycosidase inhibitors, such as Precose, to ensure the sugars you eat are absorbed slowly.

No matter which treatment is used for controlling your blood sugar, one of the self-treatment devices for diabetes is monitoring your levels by one method or another. After learning that this must be done, your doctor can help you to choose the right plan for treating your diabetes and taking care of yourself.

There may options for diabetes, especially Type 2. If you change your diet by adopting healthier eating habits and get on an exercise program, you may be able to get by without using drugs. A condition called pre-diabetes, which means that your blood sugar levels are up is the perfect candidate for this treatment.

Being overweight and Type 2 diabetes are strongly linked, more so for people whose major weight issue is around their middle. This may require more than losing weight to keep from using drugs for diabetes.

Some self treatment devices for diabetes, such as a change in your lifestyle, have more benefits than just controlling your diabetes. If you control carbohydrates in your diet, do not drink alcohol in excess, and change from foods that are not nutritious, you may reap the benefits. Cutting down on the chance of cardiovascular problems, meaning heart attacks and stroke are well worth this effort.

An exercise regimen will aid in lowering blood sugar, thus you have a positive influence on your diabetes. The immune system will benefit as well. The chance of other spin-off problems will also be reduced. One thing most people do not realize is that stress can have an effect on the body’s use of hormones, one of which is insulin. Physical activities and a good outlook can aid in adjusting these things.

An injection is not the only treatment for insulin requirements. There is also the option of oral insulin. The FDA has recently approved insulin inhalers to use as treatment methods. There are also treatments that involve an insulin pump. The pre-determined amount is loaded and can be used as needed which can be great for some patients.

Your doctor is the only one who can run the tests that will let you know which treatment method is best for your circumstances. If you think that you may have diabetes, the best way to know for sure is to go to your doctor and be tested so that you have the best plan for treating your type for the time necessary.

Self-Treatment Devices for Diabetes

The patient is the primary caregiver for their treatment of diabetes. Although blood tests have to be performed as necessary, and your appointments with your doctor have to be kept, the self treatment devices for diabetes ultimately lie with the patient.

Today there are easier and more pain-free methods to do this than there have been previously. Diabetes is not something that you want to have but today the self-treatment devices for diabetes are exceptional.

A healthy diet and exercise program are sometimes the sole treatment for some cases of Type 2 diabetes. This may actually be pre-diabetes, which is when blood sugar levels are continually high even though it is not at the diabetic level yet.

However, anyone who has Type 2 diabetes and almost any of the people with Type 1 has to have a glucose management plan. This usually involves insulin.

In the tens of years past, the one and only way that was available was a shot of insulin from a syringe made of glass. The process was a little more dangerous since the needles had to be sterilized along with the site of the shot. You had to give yourself shots as needed and the insulin had to be carefully measured. Not to say this was a huge problem but it was a lot more work.

The basis is still the same today but the self treatment devices for diabetes have more choices.

Pens for Insulin

There are pre-loaded insulin pens that can be used today. They work like a syringe however, the needle is sterile and the insulin is pre-measured. Because everyone does not take the same amount or kind of insulin there are different pens for different diabetics. These usually hold 300 units in a device that resembles an ink cartridge. They are also adaptable.

All that you have to do is dial the amount that you need to take, using a knob on the end. The right amount will show up in a little window. The pen has a tip that has a needle. You inject the needle just under the skin, insulin is dispensed, and the needle and cartridge go in a safe bag to be discarded. Some of these pens are disposable and you get a fresh one for the next dose.

One more way of insulin treatments is a gadget that is about the size of a tiny cell phone. This has not been in use for very long. It can be attached to the outside of the body or under the skin. No matter which method is used, the insulin is dispensed using a device that monitors the level of the blood glucose, as you need it. A plastic tube, which is tipped by a cannula, is used instead of a needle. This is sometimes embedded into the skin of the abdomen.

As the monitor senses that insulin is needed by the body, it is dispensed 24-hours a day using the correct amount. This is one of the ways to ensure that your glucose level is managed correctly.

There are other methods being tested, most of which work well.

Inhalers and Pills

Some methods use pills however; the stomach has enzymes that lower the levels of insulin so there are studies still being conducted on the self-treatment for diabetes system.

Some of the same problems are experienced when using nasal inhalers to deliver insulin to the blood, as well as causing the nasal passages to become irritated. Although oral inhalers seem to do a better job, there are side effects that cause the mouth to be really dry and cause coughing.

There are many forms of self-treatment devices for diabetes that are in the process of being researched and tested. One such method requires transplanting pancreas cells and gene therapy to cure the actual problem. However, until something proves to be reliable, the options discussed will be the best for treating diabetes in the most suitable, secure, and almost pain-free way.

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