Friday, October 23, 2020

How Do High Heels Affect Your Back?


Most women own at least one pair of high heels. Some women own only one pair, while others own mostly high heels in their shoe collection. High heels will most likely never go out of style, they make the legs look fantastic, and they make you taller. Have you considered how high heels may be impacting your posture and back?

woman knelling in high heels

What are the Overall Dangers of High Heels?

High heel shoes actually can cause a number of problems, they can permanently change your posture, and they can also have a detrimental effect on your feet – especially your toes and the ball of your foot. In some cases, they have an ill effect on the soles of your feet, depending on the shape of your foot and the support or lack of support that the shoe provides.

Aside from the damage that is done to your body as a direct result of wearing high heels often, you must also consider other dangers of high heel shoes, such as the danger of falling or tripping and injuring yourself. Broken bones, especially ankles, are not uncommon, and high heeled shoes as a cause is extremely common.

What is the Direct Effect on Your Back When You Wear High Heels?

When you wear high heeled shoes, the shoe is forcing you to arch your back in a way that is completely unnatural, and you may not even realize that this is happening. When this does happen, however, it causes the muscles that support your spine to work much harder than normal, causing back pain.

Additionally, your back can be injured from wearing high heeled shoes due to the fact that the shoe actually redistributes your weight in an unhealthy way, in terms of muscle and bone health.

Is there Any Way to Wear High Heels and Not Hurt Your Back?

You don’t have to throw out your high heeled shoes, but you will need to make some changes. First, make sure that you are not doing a lot of walking in these shoes. They should really just be for show, when you are sitting. Avoid standing in high heeled shoes for long periods of time. A good solution is to keep a pair of walking shoes in your tote bag at all times, and when you are confronted with long periods of standing or walking, change your shoes.

Make sure that you shop for high heeled shoes that are comfortable. You shouldn’t feel as though they are squishing your toes or any other part of your foot. Make sure that they are well cushioned as well, and buy the lowest heel possible.

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