Thursday, September 24, 2020

How Much Liposuction Costs: Truth About this Treatment


Truth be Told – the Costs can be Staggering

If you “stinge” and opt for cheaper cost of liposuction, you might suffer at the hands of surgeons who have bad track record of unsuccessful surgery and bad reputation.

You might as well not go for the surgery?

Since you need to pay a hefty sum for the surgery, you might have to go into debts to finance the cost of liposuction surgery.

Not a very wise financial decision to make, surely? And it’s a luxury you can go without too…

Shall we zoom-in on the costs of liposuction and see how they could cause deep dents in your pocket?

Costs of Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

The following liposuction costs are based on those charged in the US and are merely rough estimates of the possible surgical fees charged.

Body Area Lower End Range of Surgical Fee ($)Upper End Range of Surgical Fee ($)
Abdomen, upper & Lower 3,0007,500
Abdomen, Lower2,0002,000
Back, Female 1,5004,000
Breasts, Female 3,0007,500
Buttocks 1,5004,500
Chin, Cheeks, Jowls, Neck2,0004,500
Thighs & Knees (Anterior)2,0005,000
Thighs & Knees (Inner)2,0005,000
Thighs (Outer)1,6005,000

(P/S: The above estimation bases on surgical fee alone. The total fee would include all surgical fees + non-surgical fee. If you require an anesthetist’s service, which you almost would, then you need to pay an additional fee for his/her service too)

Factors Affecting the Cost

The above liposuction costs also depend on the following factors:

  1. Your size
  2. Amount Of Time And Effort The Surgeon Requires To Do The Surgery
  3. Cost of anesthetist’s service
  4. Operating theater’s charges
  5. Preoperative laboratory fees (i.e. all the screening & testing)
  6. Related expenses like elastic compression garments, antibiotics, etc.

Don’ go for Cheapo Surgery! Your Body’s at Stake!

You can see that the cost of liposuction is not what you and I can afford.

So your natural first-line defense would be: “I could go for a cheaper one”.

Please don’t put your body on a “discount rack”! If a surgeon offers cheap, you got to raise your antennae of alert already because:

  • An expert surgeon who has done many liposuction procedures, who consistently achieves satisfying results and who’s in great demand, will not come cheap
  • A surgeon who’s not in great demand may offer discounts, or entice you by offering free consultation
  • A surgeon who have had unhappy patients and who doesn’t have a track record of good reputation might lower prices in order to attract a new patient, meaning – you

Treasure your Body

You’re putting your body on the line; don’t stinge, if that’s the toughest thing I can say to you.

If you really, really want to go for the surgery, you would need to go for quality (i.e. the surgeon’s experience, expertise and surgery skill) which is everything that counts. Cost of liposuction should then be a no issue to you.

That’s why if cost is an issue to you, don’t do the surgery. If you think paying cheaper costs would not matter, think again because cheap means the surgeon could have left undone a lot of things and you could end up like these:

  • The result could be so blotchy and bad that you need to pay another surgeon to repair the work of the first surgeon
  • Incomplete liposuction with little evidence to show that liposuction’s actually done
  • Excessive liposuction that gives an unnatural or disfigured appearance
  • Irregular and uneven “handiwork” with unsightly depressions in your skin
  • Large scars telling the whole world that you have had liposuction

The Cost of Liposuction is Steep

I would suggest you think carefully about going for the surgery especially if you’ve to incur debts to finance it.

Not to mention the discomfort and pain you need to go through and the non-permanent results you might have.

Why waste your hard-earned money on something that’s not even designed to help you lose weight?

Change your diet and exercise. That’s my motto. It should be yours too.

It doesn’t cost a dime.

Oh well, may be just a couple of dollars (buying sports shoes, some weights and an exercise ball….).

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