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How The Jenny Craig Diet Works for Weight Loss


The Two Main Principles of Weight Loss

Calories – The simplified version and the bare truth about weight loss ; the truth that is not biased by healthful versus unhealthful lifestyles or tasty versus tasteless meals or one type of food versus any other type or costly versus free of charge or quick working versus slow, is the balance between caloric intake and caloric output. Stated more simply, the plain and ungarnished fact is as follows:

fat calipers
  • If you take in or consume more calories than you put out or burn, you will gain weight.
  • If you consume the same amount of calories as you burn, you will maintain your weight.
  • If you consume less calories than you burn, you will lose weight.

Metabolism – Burning calories is a chemical function of our bodies which is called metabolism. However, not everyone’s metabolism works equally. Age, gender, lifestyle, body type, physical fitness and overall health are all factors which determine the speed at which the metabolism works or the metabolic rate. The higher one’s metabolic rate the quicker one will burn calories which will, therefore, translate into a faster weight loss.

Jenny Craig Diet Programs

For all intents and purposes, the Jenny Craig diet works on the same caloric and metabolic principles of weight loss we discussed above and it is accomplished by setting up prepackaged or preplanned meal programs which are especially tailored for each individual client and his or her particular needs. Just to give you an idea, some daily meal totals may be limited to a mere 1,200 calories while others may be as high as 2,400. Weight loss goals are attained as long as clients stick to their ascribed programs and Jenny Craig makes it as easy as any dieting can be:

  1. The programs include weekly follow up meetings with personal counselors who gauge the clients’ progress by weight and measurements, adjust the meal plans as needed and, of course, provide plenty of encouragement. Jenny Craig counselors also help clients establish an exercise routine and a permanent lifestyle change. Such one-on-one counseling keeps Jenny Craig clients motivated and on the straight path toward losing weight and maintaining it.
  2. Although it is highly suggested that clients buy the convenient prepackaged meal plans, it is not strictly enforced. Therefore, clients have the option of preparing their own meals according to their preplanned programs. People on the Jenny Craig program are relieved of the complicated, time-consuming and annoying need to figure, calculate, measure and weigh everything they eat.
  3. The meal programs are made up of balanced meals that include all the food groups (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) and all of which are coordinated with accurately calculated amounts of each. Jenny Craig paticipants do not feel deprived.
  4. Different combinations of foods are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for the between meal snacks. Jenny Craig dieters are able to make some choices to retain a measure of control.
  5. The weight loss programs are flexible and adaptable enough to allow the occasional outing to restaurants or friends. Jenny Craig clients can continue to participate and socialize.
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