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How to Detox Your Body Naturally


The stresses and strains of everyday life just have a way of catching up to a person and the signals that the body sends out when something is wrong are numerous. Aches and pains, low energy levels and dulled mental functions are only some of the signs that signal you should start a detox and cleanse plan.

Most holistic health experts agree that a detoxification is called for at least once every year, and it is a great way of keeping your body healthy and functioning in optimal condition. One of the best times to do this is after the holiday season, when you have normally binged on all that food and drink and have possibly piled on a lot of pounds in the process. Besides it’s a great way to get in shape for the spring and summer!

It is a harsh realization to face up to but you have accept the fact that the body tends to build up an alarming amount of toxins from eating and even simply from living. The buildup of these toxins has been linked to a host of health conditions–some of them potentially very serious–and detoxing is one of the best ways to prevent these toxins from wreaking havoc on the delicate balance of your systems.

Along with a detoxification, you may also want to look into changing your eating habits and possibly even going on a sensible diet. This combined approach is far more effective than dieting alone, and will go a long way in giving you back the energy that you so sorely need to get through the day as well as giving your overall health a much needed boost.

There are numerous detox methods that have passed the muster of scientific experts, many of them geared towards changing your diet as well as your lifestyle. Among all these methods, it is important to choose one that is ideally suited to your preferences and lifestyle, as this will have a lot to do with how well you can stick to the plan. And of course, a full body detox that you find suited to your preferences will ensure a greater likelihood of success.

A good way to start a detox program is by reducing your consumption of foods that are known toxin carriers such as coffee, alcohol, fried and fatty foods, refined sugar, and processed foods. Of course it goes without saying that cigarettes should also be avoided. You should also be wary of certain fruits and vegetable, which although healthy, may contain an inordinate amount of toxins in the form of pesticides. By keeping these tips in mind, you will have made the first steps into your detoxification that you will definitely benefit from.

Quick Start Tips

Contrary to what you may think, detoxing isn’t actually all that hard to implement. In fact, you may find it a lot easier than you thought initially, and it could even be quite enjoyable. In any case, detoxification can be an important part of ensuring that your body functions at tiptop condition for as long as possible, and that you have enough energy as well as stamina against diseases. Here are a number of methods that can improve your general health.

Detox your digestive system

  • Don’t eat when you aren’t really hungry
  • Avoid eating heavy meals in the evening
  • Chew your food slowly and thoroughly with every bite
  • Avoid foods that are heavy in refined carbohydrates and fat
  • Don’t drink too many fluids while eating to prevent dilution of your digestive juices
  • Drink fruit juices or have some fruit early in the morning to enhance your digestive functions
  • Add herbal teas such as chamomile to your diet
  • Eat low-fat yogurt regularly
  • Use herbs and spices that are known to aid digestion such as bay leaf, caraway, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, mint, and parsley

Cleanse your liver

  • Drink at least 8 to 9 cups of water every day
  • Add a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Good choices include apples, citrus fruits, beets, carrots, broccoli, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, beans, ginger and garlic.
  • Avoid eating processed foods or foods that are high in salt, sugar, fat and spices
  • Try to eat more organic foods
  • Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Start up an exercise program

Detox your kidneys

  • Drink adequate amounts of water
  • Reduce your meat and dairy consumption
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Include tea made from dandelion leaves in your diet

Detox your skin

  • As always, drink plenty of water.
  • Include generous amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals. Good choices are foods that have high betacarotene or vitamin A content and vitamin C
  • Eat more whole grains, protein, and a small amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as those found in certain types of fish, vegetable oils and nuts
  • Get some zinc in your diet. Good sources for this mineral are lean meat, poultry, shellfish, nuts, yogurt and skimmed milk
  • Avoid foods hat are high in saturated fats
  • Reduce your intake of foods such as chocolate, sweets, salty snacks and sugared drinks
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption
  • Exercise regularly and perform routine skin maintenance
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Get plenty of fresh air

What To Eat During The Detox Process

When you go on a diet for purposes of detoxifying your body, it is important to make sure that you eat smaller meals throughout the day. A good diet plan to follow is three or more servings of vegetables, with one of them being raw, three servings of raw, fresh or dried fruit, and three servings of salad every day.

It is also important to include adequate amounts of fresh or raw vegetables daily, since these will provide you with essential nutrients that your body needs during the crucial detox program. These ingredients can help you avoid cancer, heart diseases, and health conditions related to the immune system, as well as keep your eyes and brain functioning at optimal condition.

In fact, fruits and vegetables are ideally suited for detox diets, mainly because of the abundant amounts of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that they contain. In addition, most fruits and vegetables are good sources of dietary fiber, and they typically do not have a lot of calories. In order to derive the maximum health and cleansing benefits from fruits and vegetables, you should try to eat them in as fresh a condition as possible. Keep in mind that storing these foods for long periods will reduce their nutritional value, and cooking them–especially overcooking–will cause them to lose nutrients even further.

Raw fruits and vegetables are particularly suited for detoxing, since they are generally able to clean out your digestive system more efficiently. If you simply need to eat your vegetables in cooked form, you should at least try to include a certain amount of it raw. You could even mix raw vegetables with cooked ones in a single dish. The beauty with vegetables is that they are remarkably flexible foods and they can be prepared in many exciting, appetizing and nutritious ways. You are really only limited by your imagination and your desire to try something new, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

For vegetables and fruits that are a bit out of the ordinary, you may want to try grilling them. Yes, even many fruits can benefit from being slapped onto a hot grill, and the grilling process brings out and enhances a lot of their natural sweetness. This is a great way to liven up what would have been an otherwise boring or unappetizing fruits and vegetable dish for people that are accustomed to heavy meat diets, and will go a long way in ensuring the success of your efforts. It isn’t always as easy as it should be, but with these tips on what foods to eat during the process, you can make it go by a lot easier.


Since a lot of the toxin buildup in our bodies can be attributed to the foods that we eat, it makes a lot of sense to turn to diet and medication to counteract the effects of these toxins as well. Some of the most effective methods are outlined below.

Body detox diets

Water fasting as a means of detoxification is quite simple in concept but that doesn’t mean that it is ineffective. The method basically involves drinking anywhere from 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, with tea sometimes being used instead. Regardless of which one you go for however, it is important to not use sugar or any type of sweetener for that matter. If the taste of water–or the lack of taste rather–makes it difficult or unappetizing for you to drink that much, you may add a bit of lemon juice to it, which will actually provide you with certain nutrients that can be beneficial in the detox process.

Numerous people have turned to vegetarian diets for various health reasons, and it is in fact another effective cleanse method. A good way around this if you are not quite ready to give up meat altogether is by including sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables in every meal. Breakfast could consist mostly of raw fruits for instance, with vegetables making up most of your lunch and dinner. This type of diet will greatly aid in your efforts, and the cleansing action on your digestive tract will likely result in a number of noticeable benefits. To speed up the detoxing even further, you should eat these fruits raw if possible, or very slightly cooked at the very least.

Vitamins and herbal medicine

Vitamins and herbal supplements can also be tremendously beneficial in your process of elimination of and cleansing. Of particular value are vitamins that contain coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Choline, all of which are essential antioxidants. CoQ10 is a particularly useful enzyme due to its effectiveness as an electron transporter. This is one of the reasons why the enzyme is widely used as an antioxidant and dietary supplement. For its part, Alpha Lipoic Acid can address a number of health issues related to vitamin deficiency. In addition, it has a related substance called dihydrolipoic acid, which can be beneficial in the development of other antioxidants such as glutathione and vitamins C and E. Detox and cleanse is fast being adopted by people all over the world, and from its initial practice as a sort of health fad, it has been widely accepted as being essential to ensuring proper health. And the best part about it is that it can be done at little or no cost.

民以食为天 ( mín yǐ shí wéi tiān ). “To be healthy, we have to build a healthy food foundation.”

The Chinese were certainly onto something when they considered health as the single most important component of good living, and it is an idea that many people from all over the world has adopted as well. Indeed, the ancient Chinese were of the opinion that health holds the key to a happy and successful life, and without it, all the other things–fame, wealth, reputation, and material possessions–mean nothing.

One of the best ways to ensure continued good health is through a detoxing, and it is a theory that is gaining more and more adherents everyday. Holding the key to disease prevention and possibly even the treatment of numerous health conditions, it may just provide you with the health advantage that you so sorely need in these trying times.

Before we get to the methods however, it would be worthwhile to mention that these methods need not be expensive at all. In fact some of the most effective remedies will cost you practically nothing and you may even be able to perform them with things that you already have at home. Including a healthy amount of fiber in your diet for example will give you a low cost home detox that can be surprisingly effective. That being said, on to the tips!

Colon cleansing

The colon can be seen as a sort of natural sewer system, in that most of the body wastes that we manufacture go through here. As you can imagine, all sorts of problems can crop up when this system gets blocked, which is why many cleanses are targeted toward ensuring the proper functioning of the colon.

Process of cleaning out your colon typically involves the insertion of a pipe that courses warm water into your body. This cleanse should be performed only by a physician, and it can take anywhere from 4 to 5 sessions.

Ion foot bath detoxification

This body Ion foot bath is quite possibly the most relaxing detoxification you will ever come across. It involves sitting on a chair, with your feet immersed in a water vessel. The process works on the principle of positive and negative ions drawing out and adhering to the toxins in your body. These toxins are then dissolved in the water.

Herbal body detox

Another effective path to detox relies on herbal remedies, which offer the advantage of a totally natural process with none of the side effects associated with a medication based approach. This makes it one of the safest and most effective detoxes around.

Going all Organic?

Most people are looking for cleansing foods naturally turn to some of the most obvious choices: fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, these very foods that are so essential to the process can in fact be loaded with pesticides that can undermine your detox efforts. Strawberries and broccoli in particular seem to be vulnerable to contamination. And of course, another essential component of the diet–proteins such as meat, dairy products and eggs–may not only contain pesticides but hormones and antibiotics as well, all of which are substances that you should actually be trying to avoid by going on a detox program.

If you simply must have your share of meat in your diet, you would be better off going for meat products that have less chances of being contaminated with pesticides and hormones such as veal and pork. In fact, these types of meat have been confirmed to contain as much as 30 times less contaminants than other commercially available meat products.

As for chickens, the jury is still out on this one, and even the much-touted free-range varieties aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In most cases, such chickens aren’t actually allowed to roam free on a farm as much as they are merely allowed to stick their heads out of their pens. If you can do anything about it at all, you should try to go for chickens that are weaned off antibiotics and hormones at least two weeks before they are processed. Going for lesser known brands or no name brands of chicken wouldn’t necessarily help out your body either, as they will likely have been raised under less stringent conditions.

It is also important to realize that a lot of the harmful substances you are trying to avoid when on a detox plan tend to be stored in the fat of the animals that you eat. Therefore, you may be able to kick your efforts up a notch by simply removing the fat from your servings.

As for eggs, organic eggs are a far better choice than the regular eggs sold in the grocery, and they are usually a little bit cheaper as well. In addition, many people find organic eggs tastier than their regular counterparts. Just as is the case with any type of health related programs, you will have to weigh your decisions carefully when undergoing a program.

Reducing Toxins in the body?

It is quite alarming to realize that for all its wonders, the human body serves as a pretty powerful magnet that attracts all sorts of toxic substances. This is why there is a lot of benefit to be gained from the effective implementation of a suitable program.

The toxins that can potentially have a disruptive effect on the fragile balance of our bodies various functions can actually come from a wide range of sources. Anything from the foods that we eat, the water that we drink, our day-to-day activities, and even the air that we breathe can carry numerous substances that can cause a lot of harm when present in considerable amounts. The foods that we eat are particularly suspect. Aside from the obvious potential for toxicity that stems from processed foods and foods high in fat and sodium, even harmless seeming foods such as vegetables and fruits can be considerable sources of some pretty damaging toxins, either by their pesticide content or the presence of environmental contaminants.

What you should watch out for in particular are foods that are known toxin carriers such as canned foods, pesticide-laden vegetables, water with dissolved chemicals or heavy metals, and a host of other foods that you already probably consume on a regular basis.

Now, more and more people are looking towards detoxification in order to combat the more nefarious effects of these toxins. In addition to helping your body rid itself of toxins that have built up over the years, detoxing can also help you lose weight, improve the condition of your skin and hair, enhance your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat, help you retain a youthful appearance, and give you a natural energy boost.

Various detoxes have been introduced over the years, with some of the most effective ones being those that rely on complementary and alternative procedures. Among the methods included in this category are acupuncture, sauna therapy, and various forms of homeopathic remedies. Acupuncture is one such method that has managed to gain the respect of even the most traditional western medicine practitioners, and it has been attributed with treating a number of common illnesses that result from years of toxin buildup in the body. Acupuncture works on the principle of allowing the Qi or vital energy of the body flow more freely throughout the patient, effectively curing him or her of various ailments.

One other popular detox method involves the use of a sauna, wherein the body is subjected to temperatures of 80° C or more. Encouraging relaxation and perspiration, the sauna method is only one of the many methods that appear to have a beneficial effect.

But, do Detox Programs actually work?

The burning question on most everybody’s minds is whether or not these detox programs actually work. It is easy enough to be skeptical about the claims made by proponents, since there have been a lot of remedies and health food products that have been introduced over he past several years, few if any of them actually giving you the results that you expect.

As hot and as hyped as the trend seems to be however, it may actually benefit your health in numerous ways. Detoxifications have been known to improve the general health of your colon as well as potentially enhance the functioning of your immune system. The secret to enduring success however is to find the most effective and suitable body detox programs for you.

This is a task that is a lot easier said than done however, and the bewildering array of detox products on the market certainly doesn’t make things any easier. And of course you don’t necessarily want to waste a lot of time and effort in the search for a product, only to later find that it doesn’t quite live up to the hype.

So what are your options when looking into a product? You have two options available to you. You can either go for a tried and proven product that is backed up by doctor recommendations, user reviews, and generally favorable word of mouth, or you could go for a product that offers free trial samples.

A good way to narrow down your list is by checking out websites that feature testimonials from users such as yourself. This is a great way to hone in on the word on the street about a specific product, and you gain the further advantage of inside information on people that have actually used the product in the past.

You should however be wary of “testimonials” that are nothing more than cleverly disguised marketing attempts. One of the easiest ways to spot bogus testimonials is by looking at the poster’s activities on the forum. If he or she is a new member and it seems that most of not all of his or her posts hype up the product in some way, you are mostly likely being targeted by a company marketer in disguise. As for the free samples, there are numerous such sources out there, many of them offering their wares for nothing more than a small shipping fee. This should not be any cause for alarm in itself, as many companies typically give away their products for free in order to entice visitors to purchase from them. This will give you a way to try out the detoxification yourself, and even find out what they contain.


  1. Dana

    Colonix is a fairly new intestinal cleanser. It contains herbal dietary fiber ingredients. It serves a couple of different important functions.

    One of the main roles of Colonix is to help eliminate toxic buildup. Some of the components that are eliminated include mucus, toxins, and metabolic waste. The other role of this product is to help keep the colon clean and to promote a freer, more efficient flow of waste matter.

    Quick Evaluation

    It seems to work very well for many people. It contains a few different ingredients such as psyllium husk, flax seed, fennel seed, or licorice root. The directions are fairly simple, and this product can be used for the long term.

    The by-products of this solution are that it helps reduce diarrhea, blood sugar levels, and helps eliminate excess fat from the body. However, people are warned though it can be used long term not to use it too much.

    The disadvantages of this product are that it is quite costly for the amount of time it lasts-only one month for just under $90. One precaution you need to take is that this product is not safe to use for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

    This is a product that some people seem to really like, while other people seem to really hate. Overall, the testimonials concerning this product are much divided.

  2. Erma

    Colon cleaning is a very important practice in order to clean our body. There are benefits that you would be able to get from such action. At the same time, colonic cleansing has many facets – especially true with choosing the right product for the procedure.

    Colon, or more commonly termed as the large intestine, is a muscular tube about 4.5 inches long. It is for absorbing water and for removing waste in our bodies. Even if it is responsible for removing waste in our body, you should still keep in mind that it needs attention and proper caring. Our colons also take care of the intestinal flora that helps in processing our body’s waste. That is why this process is very important.

    Colonic cleanse is essential to maintain a healthy digestive system and the over all health. This process is very important to remove the toxins in your body. This would free you of constipation and other bowel movement problems. The process also affects the biggest side effect of toxin – lower immunity. Now, if you have lower immunity, you would be able to catch illness faster. Thus, almost all aspect of your live is affected by this. With the help of colonic cleanse, you would also have more energy for your daily activities rather than for digesting food. The process also contributes to weight loss.

    Natural cleansers are more favorable than synthetic ones. These natural cleansers may be in forms of natural foods or natural food extracts. Using these has more benefits. Take for example, Acai berry which is found in the amazons and sometimes in South America. All fruit which would be readily accepted by the body. There will be no problem with various side effects since it is a natural food or natural food extract. This is high in fiber that would be able to help the colon move out the toxins faster. This would also have anti- oxidants that can protect you from certain types of cancers. In the case of food extract in forms of pills, other anti- oxidant ingredients increase the effectiveness of the product. These being natural food extracts, also prevents intestinal flora from being destroyed. Thus, ensuring that the digesting tract will be healthier. Natural cleansers also prevent severe dehydration fiber is still considered as food.

  3. Johnnie Buchanan

    Caring for our colon is very essential since it has a very significant part in proper digestion. In spite this, we shouldn’t be too shielding to the point that we use contrived means of cleaning our colon. Instead of protecting our colon, it may be the other way around. One effective way of clearing out toxins that could harm our body is by natural cleansing method.

    Natural colon cleansing is a method of clearing out harmful toxins that were produced by the waste build-up in our colon by means of supplements or colon irrigation. Colon cleansing has two types – purchasing goods and consulting a specialist. In using the first method, you could either take the products by mouth or through the anus. While in the second, colon irrigation will be performed. A procedure wherein an amount of water will be washed out of your system by means of a hose put into your anus.

    If you will not natural Colon cleanse, the waste that builds up in your system will produce harmful toxins that could go to your bloodstream. If the waste build-up will persist, the toxic matters that it produced can harm not only your colon but as well as the other vital parts of the body. The toxins produced by the build-up of waste can result in the emergence of different illness. The regular interval of discharging wastes from our system is one complete day and 6 hours. Meaning to say, we are expected to get rid of waste every other day or every single day.

    By means of natural cleansing, harmful toxins that pile up can be discharge without the appliance of chemicals. The toxins are produced by intake of caffeine which is present in drinks like coffee and coke, eating stakes and drinking carbonated beverages.

    Not all natural colon cleanser that purify the large intestine are safe. Their effectiveness cannot be completely assured. However, if you rather opt to consult a specialist, make sure that he/she is an authorized expert. Take into account that some procedures of natural colon cleansing can be risky so make sure that you’re in good hands. After all, you’re dealing with your own health so better be vigilant.

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